Joey Beltran

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“Going to Smash Frank Tate” Joey Beltran on BKFC Fight Night: Ft. Lauderdale

Joey Beltran clashes with Frank Tate in the main event of BKFC Fight Night: Ft. Lauderdale. This bout emanates from Charles F. Dodge City Center and goes down on April 21st.

I spoke with Beltran ahead of this one and excerpts from our interaction are below.

Joey Beltran

The last outing where he lost his BKFC and Police Gazette belts to Arnold Adams

“A lot of it is about just trying to maintain a positive attitude. I was definitely bothered. I definitely could sit here, rant and rave, go on for days about how the judges screwed me over. But like I said in that post, it’s not the first time. If I keep fighting long enough, it probably won’t be the last time (laughs). The judges will break your heart if you let them. I definitely watched it back. Watching that fight multiple times, I look at it and I just think if that fight was in Mississippi or Florida, I would have won that fight.”

“I just think those judges were New York judges and strictly boxing judges. They were just looking at the clean open shots. Which Arnold landed, yeah I give him credit. But it’s not a boxing match, it’s a fuckin’ bare-knuckle fighting fight. It’s a different ruleset and different criteria.  So all I’ve got to do is just keep doing what I’ve been doing, keep working hard, and I’m going to smash Frank Tate. Then hopefully Arnold gets by who his next opponent is…Hopefully, he doesn’t drop the ball on that one. Then I can get my rematch and be done with it.”

BKFC Fight Night: Ft. Lauderdale

Overall thoughts on the stylistic proclivities of Frank Tate

“I mean honestly I just think he’s a guy that hits really hard. He’s big. If I don’t do my homework and if I’m there to be hit, he can definitely knock me out. Definitely don’t want to be planting my feet right in front of him and getting in a pissing contest with him. Still maintain my aggression and my overwhelming style. Have fun out there and get the W. I don’t think it’s too complicated, to be honest.”

“One thing I want to stress is that I’m not taking this guy for granted. If he fuckin’ hits me, he can put me to sleep. Alright, what else?  What else does he got for me? Maybe he shows up with a bunch of new tricks on April 21st. But based on what he’s shown in the past, that’s not it. He’s a big strong guy who hits hard. Alright, so are all the other guys I’ve been fighting the last fifteen years. So I feel ok about this fight.”

Parting thoughts for Joey Beltran

“That’s about it. Standard operating procedure. Thank you for your time and I appreciate the coverage.”

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