Harrry Hobbs - Pro MMA debut successful at just 16 years of age

Harry Hobbs – Pro MMA debut successful at just 16 years of age

The wait was finally over for the young Harry Hobbs as he entered the cage as a competitor for the very first time this past Saturday at Fusion Fighting Championship 29.

Without any amateur or semi-pro fights under his belt, Harry Hobbs had a huge weight upon his shoulders taking on a tough opponent, Lewis Beattie, recording three professional MMA fights to date.

Although Beattie being the heavier more experienced fighter,  most expected Hobbs to be more preserved in his attacks and forward pressure.

This was not to be the case.

Before the bout, Hobbs explained to me how Beattie was trying to intimidate him backstage but reassured me he was not fazed by his opponent’s actions.

Beattie made his way to the octagon first and Harry’s entrance left a surprised look on his opponent.

Harry Hobbs
Harry Hobbs

Hobbs entered the arena full of adrenaline, jumping up and down showing incredible confidence. You would never imagine this was his debut fight in the cage by the body language he displayed.

Cornered by his father, Mark Hobbs, and training partner Tom “K9” Green closely watching on, the cage door closed and Hobbs began his journey as a mixed martial arts fighter.

Both fighters remain in their corners waiting for the referee call to begin.

Hobbs, full of energy, bouncing around in anticipation, while Beattie began to realize he was facing a different fighter than he expected. Harry stared his opponent down gesturing, “Let’s go.”

The referee comfirmed with both competitors they were ready and the bout began.

Hobbs pressured forward immediately taking the center of the cage, connecting with numerous leg kicks to Beattie. Beattie’s facial expression displayed shock and discomfort as Hobbs continued to land brutal kicks to the body and legs.

Hobbs continued to pile on the pressure eventually tying Beattie up in the Muay Thai clinch. Hobbs released the “beast” inside throwing multiple knees to the skull backing Beattie up against the cage. Hobbs followed up with strong hooks leaving the referee no choice but to stop the matchup.

An amazing start to the career of Hobbs triumphing in his MMA debut in only 25 seconds of the very first round. Also, a very proud moment for his father and martial artist, Mark Hobbs, as he witnessed his son’s hand raised in victory.

I was lucky enough to speak to Hobbs following his amazing success.

“I feel ***** brilliant”, a hyped up Hobbs explained. “I will continue to work my way to the top.”

Harry confirmed he will compete at the next Fusion Fighting Championship in June and currently waiting for an opponent.

I commented on his plans between now and June to which Hobbs replied, “I’ll be competing in a couple of grappling tournaments as well as training a minimum of four days a week. Plenty of running and cardio for sure.”

Hobbs currently portrays the attitude and skill needed to continue his path to success. Participating primarily in BJJ and grappling competitions only, Hobbs proved he possesses a variety of skills in his stand up ability leaving us eager to see what else Hobbs has to offer.

Watch the fight below:


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