How ED affects your professional life

How ED affects your professional life

Erectile Dysfunction or ED has troubled the life of many men and is still troubling and if we do not correct our mistakes it will continue to haunt us. Regarding ED people have many misconceptions which prove more dangerous than the disorder itself. This also may be due to the lack of sexual education which leads to people taking sexual orders for granted.

Though ED is a sexual disorder that affects the erection of the penis, this means that the person is unfit for performing sexual intercourse. But ED is a sexual disorder it has far-reaching consequences, even to the extent that our professional lives get affected due to ED.

Keeping this aside if you reach out to any man and ask him what he knows about ED, he would tell that he uses Fildena 100, Cenforce, Vidalista from Arrowmeds. According to them, every sexual problem is associated with ED pills this often leads to the situation where the person who is not even affected consumes such pills and he has to face the wrath of it.

Situations leading to the advent of ED

ED is not a virus that comes or attacks from outside but it results within the body due to some malfunctions, most of which occurs due to our own mistakes.

ED is a medical circumstance where the reproductive part of the male loses its natural tendency of becoming erect when met with sexual stimulation in the body. The erection of the penis depends on only one thing, the blood flows into it. If the penis receives an ample supply of blood,it gets hard and erect, and if not then vice versa.

The reasons are different and specific to the individual as there is no one reason for getting diagnosed with ED. It can be your addictions such as smoking, limitless consumption of alcohol, reaction due to other drugs, disturbed mental health or lack of sexual drive, etc. Still, the list has not ended your food habits and sleeping habits also can influence your sexual performance.

This is because our sexual health is the culmination of both mental and physical health.If any of them is not up to the mark you cannot be desirable of highest sexual pleasure. No matter how big the bodybuilder you are, if you are mentally disturbed you will never have the erection. This is not ED, but a natural process that happens within us.

Take an example of yourself when you fought with your friend or in the workplace, your mood is off. At that time do you get the desire for sex because your mind is occupied elsewhere? In such cases, even Fildena 100 Online, Cenforce 100, Vidalista 20mg from Arrowmeds will not work because they work only when the body is already sexually stimulated.

And people think the direct opposite, that as soon as they eat such pills, the penis gets erected.

How our professional life is deteriorated due to ED?

As discussed earlier in the article that though ED is a sexual disorder but it has after-effects on many aspects of our body. In our society where manliness is directly linked with the penis and power to impregnate a woman, an ED patient is treated as an unwanted object. He hides the disorder from his close ones, friends, family, and relatives because he knows that in return, he would be laughed at by everyone and made a joke.

Slowly it gets accumulated in his mind but cannot release it by sharing it with anyone.And he also receives a blow to this manliness as he is also nurtured in the same society. He does not treat ED as just another disease but as something unnatural had occurred to him. In reality, almost more than half of the male population has been an ED patient or will become one and in every part of the world.

Such types of men become irritated easily, hesitate while talking with strangers, their self-esteem and self-confidence are lowered. They hide from social events such as marriages and events in the workplace. They begin liking their own company and living in their own cocoon.Imagine such a person working as an employee in a company, he would simply sit at the desktop in the morning and get up in the evening.

A company needs someone who can be a teamleader, full of confidence, and having excellent communication skills not an isolated person. This is the reason many people are fired from their jobs when suffering from ED, thus pushing them more into the trap of depression.


If you ask about the ways of getting rid of ED, the first is the very common one. Order Fildena 100 Online, Cenforce, Vidalista 20 from Arrowmeds and have satisfying intercourse. This is the short-term solution that needs to be taken every time you have sex.

If this does not suityou and you look for a permanent solution keep taking the drugs but along with it give up all your addictions, eat a balanced diet, get better sleep, and meditate regularly.It looks simple but doing all these steps for months requires a certain level of willpower and concentration.

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