How To Compete In MMA Fighting With Lousy Eyesight

How To Compete In MMA Fighting With Lousy Eyesight

When I was a kid, I used to take my glasses off to play sports. Although it impacted how well I could keep track of what was happening around me, wearing my glasses was too risky. I pictured myself being accidentally elbowed by a friend, and shards of glass crashing into my eyes.

It is now easier than ever to play sports with glasses, though. You can get eyeglass straps for sports online, and there are plenty of options which keep your lenses safe. The chances of the lenses breaking and damaging your eyes are miniscule.

That is, unless you’re fighting. MMA fighting requires you to put your whole body at risk. While competitors can’t go for the face, you’re still going to be knocking into them and hitting the ground and the sides of the cage. Eyeglass straps are not going to keep your glasses from getting in the way and hurting you or others.

To compete in MMA fighting with lousy eyesight is difficult but not impossible. These are your best options.


Wear contact lenses

The most obvious and accessible option is to wear contact lenses. With contact lenses, you don’t have to worry about a foreign object getting in your way. You can fight with the confidence that your eyes will be fine and you’ll still be able to see properly. Also, these days it’s easy to buy contact lenses online.

However, contact lenses are not a perfect option. There is always the chance that a contact lens will fall out while you’re fighting, putting you at a disadvantage. Furthermore, the sweat running down your face and into your eyes can burn when you’re wearing contacts, making it difficult to see.

There’s also a possibility that your contact will get stuck in the side of your eye when you wipe your sweat away, and you’ll think it’s lost only to find it when you try putting a new lens in.


Laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery is the best possible solution for MMA fighters with poor eyesight. Laser eye surgery uses laser technology to correct your eyesight permanently. The procedure is relatively safe and millions of people have successfully corrected their eyesight this way.

There are a number of benefits of laser eye surgery for MMA fighters. You will never have to worry about wearing glasses or contact lenses in the cage again. You will be able to see properly even when sweat runs into your eyes. Nothing will get in your way.

There are risks that laser surgery can go wrong, but they are minor. The main obstacle for people who want to get laser eye surgery is the cost. Laser eye surgery is expensive and most health insurance providers will not pay for it.

As an MMA fighter with poor eyesight, glasses are not really an option. Wearing contact lenses or getting laser eye surgery are your two best approaches to fighting successfully. If you can afford laser eye surgery, it is the option that leaves you best placed for positive results.

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