How to ride Bikes in Winter

How to ride Bikes in Winter


Winter comes with a sudden sadness for riders, and many of them hibernate till winter’s passed. Not anymore! This article offers a genuine guide on how you can ride comfortably in winter fully energized with a feeling of satisfaction. Keep reading to find out more.

Everything in life starts with the right mindset and preparation. Nothing good is left to chance. Successful people reach for success, pain, perseverance, and constant practice does every trick.

So start with a positive mind that you can do this, and then follow each step highlighted here and watch yourself ride in winter like a pro. Below are some of these steps to follow.

How to ride Bikes in Winter

Tips To Safely Riding In Winter Seasons

Cut Every Ride Short

One of the biggest pluses of riding in the winter season is that, unlike summers, roads are completely transformed, totally crowd-free, giving bikers all the space they could need.

Taking shorter rides is a step in the right direction so bikers can get accustomed to the season they are riding in.

Ride on Only Familiar Bikes

Winter is no time to try out new bikes. Don’t do that. Get out your old city bike and ride on it. There’s no need to buy new winter seasoned bikes; only make a few healthy upgrades to your old bike, and you are good to ride. Don’t despair; these upgrades will be mentioned as the article reads on.

Ease Yourself Into Winter Biking

At first, it feels surreal, like it can’t be accomplished, but start slowly instead of head-on; doing this would build up your confidence.

Note that overextending too soon is heartbreaking, so keep it short; that way, you’d be keeping it fun. However, if your destination is long, below are some steps that can help;

  • Taking a commercial vehicle half of the journey.

  • Driving part of the way.

  • Parking and riding for the rest of the journey also shorten the ride.

  • Create alternate days for biking. Set a goal, maybe weekends or during the week, and simply just bike on them.

Keep Everything Warm

Like in every other activity, being adequately geared up goes a long way. The same applies to riding in winter; you can’t expect to wear shorts for the occasion.

It is advisable to dress warm enough when going biking in winter. Dresses like warm mountain biking pants, long-sleeve jerseys, and even a waterproof cycling jacket are notable.

If the weather is very chilly, having a wicking base layer under your bike clothing is dire. However, it is unnecessary to purchase specific clothes for all the layers, but they keep you comfortable and visible as you bike down the path. Below is a list of the things you can purchase.

  • Headwear for cycling: Having a cycling cap that is the right fit under your helmet brings excellent warmth. In cases of intense cold, a helmet that covers the whole face or facemask is highly prescribed, added with eyeglasses to protect the eyes.

  • Bike gloves: Especially waterproof gloves, they come in handy during winter. When shopping, go for warm gloves that still function correctly during brakes, that can also grip well in the weather.

  • Footwear: Efficiency at all times. Go for footwear that allows space for socks and also comes with paddle efficiency. At the same time, your footwear should not look ridiculous in cases where you have to stop paddling and maybe take a bus or a stroll.

  • Hand-warmers and footwarmers: These are another set of lovely accessories for the winter seasons. Get some and try them out as you ride along that cozy path.

Always be Relaxed When You Ride

It is advisable to keep your legs free/ loose to accommodate any motion ridding on ridges and rumble might cause. Riding with locked-down knees makes the process difficult.

Also, stay alert at all times around ice surfaces, and be prepared to steer around them. Watching out for melted snow areas is also a huge bonus.

However, if due to unforeseen circumstances, you roll over a slippery path, immediately rectify it by coasting across without braking or steering.

Always Clean and Cover Your Electric Bike

Snow is dangerous if left on the bike’s parts for long; to keep everything working smoothly, regular maintenance of bikes can never be overrated, especially during winter.

Remember that salt can rust your commuter bike, so at the end of each ride, washing your bike is a very great tactic to keep it safe. Below are two significant places to focus on:

  • Lube: To properly clean your lube, first clean down your chain immediately after a ride.

  • Brakes: In every ride, brakes are the most important. Properly cleaning yours would go a long way in mapping out the safety of your next ride.

Constantly Remove Air From Your Tires

Doing this would give you more grip on a slippery road. It is a simple but crucial step, so constantly remove stucked-in air from your bike tires.

Always Keep Your Electric Bike Batteries Warm

Your e bike battery drains out very fast in cold temperatures, so cutting your outdoor riding a bit goes a long way in preserving it. You don’t want your battery to run out while you’re on a ride and so far from home, do you?

Storing the removed batteries in a heated room at night is one of the best ways to preserve them.

However, some batteries come with covers that protect and warm them up during a ride. But it is strongly advised to protect batteries at night in heated rooms.

Gear Up Properly To Be Noticed

If you are riding out late, increase your lighting, buy very bright headlights, reflective gear, and even safety lights to avoid an unwanted accident on the road, especially during the winter season.


Who said one couldn’t bike during winter? If others can, you can too. However, bike responsibly. Your safety is entirely up to you; this article would not keep you safe if you don’t adhere to it. So practice practice, practice before attempting to go for a ride this winter.

Winter is a great time to bike, and it is delightful if done carefully.

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