train like a professional mma fighter

How to Train Like a Professional MMA Fighter

When you take into consideration all of the qualities an MMA fighter has, it does not come as a surprise that this contact sport has such a large fan base. Apart from the ability to last several rounds in the cage or ring, an MMA fighter has to display remarkable power, stamina, strength, and agility.

It makes you wonder, how do these martial artists train? That being said, here is a short guide on how to train like a professional MMA fighter and hopefully achieve the same level of athleticism.

Staying disciplined

In order to become a top-notch martial artist, you need to be disciplined before all. MMA is not a sport for which you train by aimlessly punch and kick a boxing bag but you must be focused at all times. In fact, it is comprised of various martial arts and techniques including but not limited to Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and taekwondo. All of the martial arts listed require a top-level not only of fitness but mind power, discipline, and focus.

Start from the basics

Just like a melodious symphony is comprised of different individual notes that are combined together to produce music so are martial arts comprised of several basic moves. If you’ve ever played a boxing-themed video game, then you know that the three basic moves are a kick, a punch, and a block.

The trick to becoming an MMA pro is to learn to combine these three to create sequences and then execute them flawlessly and as fast as possible. However, you can start your MMS training session in a regular gym by simply jabbing a punching bag. Over time, you will speed up this punch; later adding blocking and kicking to the routine.

Owning the right gear

Since MMA is a contact sport, various parts of the body need extra protection. From gloves to shin guards, you can find all sorts of fighting gear at Fighting Report and find out more about each individual item. When it comes to pros, they work with extra gear, such as grappling dummies and punch shields. However, as a rookie, you should just find a good punching bag, whether you buy it or use the one at the local gym.

Endurance training

If a pro wants to last the max 5 rounds of an MMA duel, he must possess remarkable endurance. This is precisely why endurance training forms the core of every professional’s training routine. The basis of such a power training is comprised of repeated explosive movements near the maximum level of muscle exertion. If this sounds tough, it is even tougher to perform but this type of training is necessary for a fighter who needs to last 3 times 5 minutes in the ring.

A typical endurance training session consists of moderate load exercises that last from 30 to 45 seconds (i.e. 15 to 20 repetitions), followed by a period of resting for half a minute. This cycle should be repeated at least 5 times but if you’re a beginner, then 3 ties are enough for the first couple of training sessions.

Working on the aerobics

If you thought that Pilates and similar aerobics training courses are intended just for mums, you were wrong. There’s a bit of an MMA fighting spirit in every mother, as pro fighters work on their aerobics as well. Aerobic endurance is increased by training your muscles to use the energy they get from the body in an efficient manner. Going for longer runs and increasing the length of cardiovascular exercises are just some of the techniques to help you improve your body’s aerobics level.

The 5 points we have listed here form the basis of a professional MMA fighter’s training session. Everything from staying focused on the exercises ahead to maintaining a high level of fitness are factors in building the ultimate MMA fighting machine.

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