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Stephen Thompson Geoff Neal UFC Vegas 17

Stephen Thompson lands a kick onGeoff Neal in the main event of UFC Vegas 17. Thompson won the fight by unanimous decision. [Courtesy of @UFCNews on Twitter].

If the MMA gods love us: Stephen Thompson vs. Michel Pereira

The MMA gods can be cruel or they can smile on us. With the recent tease of Stephen Thompson saying he wants Michel Pereira, they are surely teasing us and it’s giving me serious blue balls. I’ve not had a hankering for a fight like this in some time. For the love of all that is holy, please give us this fight, MMA gods!


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Stephen Thompson vs. Michel Pereira: A Match Made in Heaven

On paper, there aren’t more exciting fights than Stephen Thompson vs  Michel Pereira. Thompson is the Karate Kid incarnate and Pereira brings a high flying, Eddy Gordo-inspired point of attack. If Diet Coke meets Mentos was an actual physical fight, it would be Thompson vs. Pereira. This has to happen, MMA gods, it has to happen.

Styles make fights and when you match Wonderboy up with a fight that he can shine in, he usually produces fireworks. Kevin Holland refusing to take him down made for a Fight of the Year contender.

With Michel Pereira doing his high flying, in cage antics, Showtime kick and backflips included, he always brings an entertaining fight. Even the more reeled in Pereira makes for a fun fight and he hits hard.

While it’s obvious Stephen Thompson is avoiding grapplers, even saying so after his win over Holland, making these types of entertaining fights for Thompson is fine by me. He is in the twilight of his career which was marred by inactivity and untimely losses. To see him fight Holland, Pereira, Jack Della Maddelena, and other stars of tomorrow will give Thompson the opportunity to get his reigns in and go out on his own terms.

But the MMA gods are cruel. We would be blessed with a fight like Pereira vs. Thompson. But we will probably get Thompson sacrificed to Shavkat Rakhmonov or Khamzat Chimaev. This game is cruel.

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