Invicta FC 30

Invicta FC 30 - Jinh Yu Frey (104.8 lb) vs. Minna Grusander (104.7 lb) - Dave Mandel, Invicta FC

Invicta FC 30 Results

Invicta FC 30 Frey vs. Grusander

Invicta FC 30Invicta FC 30 took place tonight Saturday, July 21st, 2018, at the Scottish Rite Temple in Kansas City, Missouri.

Main Event is Yu Frey vs. Minna Grusander for the Vacant Invicta FC Atomweight Title

Invicta FC 30 Results:

 Erin Blanchfield vs. Brittney Cloudy


Cloudy able to let go of the right hand early and connects on Blanchfield several times to start off.  Blanchfield  goes in for a single leg takedown and gets it. With Cloudy attempting to maneuver out from bottom Blanchfield not able to do much before the round ends.  Second round begins as Blanchfield goes in for the single leg again against the taller opponent against the cage.  Unable to secure the single leg attempt she goes for the over-under clinch against the cage before they separate.  Blanchfield throws punches backing Cloudy up and follows up with a nice head kick that lands.  Blanchfield is able to get Cloudy down and works with an arm triangle attempt, unable to lock it up she is holding position on top.  Blanchfield able to find a kimura attempt but she transitions to an armbar to end the round. Cloudy is holding on and just surviving the round.  I have the fight tied 1-1 at this point going into the third.  Blanchfield and Cloudy exchange hooks in the opening moments.  Blanchfield looking more active standing up has Cloudy looking more hesitant to throw punches.  Nice counter by Cloudy able to defend another single leg from Blanchfield but she’s not being active enough.  Blanchfield looking for the openings and throws a kick out along with punches to find them.  Cloudy stuffs another takedown attempt as the round ends.


Erin Blanchfield def. Brittney Cloudy via Split Decision (29-28 28-29 29-28)


Alyse Anderson vs. Stephanie “The Cyclone” Alba

Alba lands some nice power shots to start the fight off, Anderson’s thumb pokes Alb’s eye and the fight is halted momentarily to allow her to recover.  Alba connects on a nice punch in an exchange, Anderson however has the reach advantage and is utilizing it well.  Anderson clinched up with Alba and throws a few knees to the body.  Anderson able to land a double leg up against the cage and works on Alba landing punches from top.  Anderson is seen communicating to the referee about something (Her mouth piece fell out) and Alba is grabbing the inside of her glove and complaining about being kneed in her crotch, but the action continues.  Anderson takes Alba’s back before the round ends.  Second round begins and Anderson has Alba clinched and pushed up by the cage, Anderson has a takedown attempt but unable to get it we see Alba reverse out.  Anderson jumps guard and locks in a tight triangle attempt on Alba from the bottom.  The  triangle tightens as Anderson is dragging Alba to the ground the fight ends when the referee sees Alba unconscious.

Alyse Anderson def. Stephanie “The Cyclone” Alba via submission (Triangle Choke) 3:12 of Round 2


Jillian “Lionheart’ DeCoursey vs. Alesha “Half-Pint” Zappitella

Zappitella comes out aggressive with a swarm of strikes that land on DeCoursey.  DeCoursey clinches up with Zappitella and throws knees efficiently throwing off Zappitella from getting better position.  Zappitella has double underhooks on DeCoursey and is able to control her.  They separate and Zappitella connects on a nice left hook that drops DeCoursey,  she again initiates the clinch on DeCoursey against the cage.  A wild exchange to end the round as DeCoursey connects on a left and Zapittella takes it and lands a couple of shots of her own to end the round.  Zappitella gets the fight to the ground with a takedown to start the round.  Zappitella is working from half guard using her superior wrestling to hold down DeCoursey and score points.  DeCoursey able to get back to her feet, she’s looking like the fresher fighter, she is able to connect on jabs opening up a cut below Zappitella’s eye.  Third Round begins we see Zappitella close the distance and clinch up with DeCoursey against the cage, this fight has favored her grinding wrestling style so far but we’re not seeing much actual grappling with DeCoursey.  They separate and under 3 mins left DeCoursey throws out the left and connects.  Zappitella lands an overhand right on DeCoursey and she follows up with another one that sends DeCoursey reeling against the cage and once again that’s where they both end up.  Zappitella looks like the aggressor she’s taking anything DeCoursey is throwing at her and keeps moving forward, the fight ends.

Alesha “Half-Pint” Zappitella def. Jillian “Lionheart” DeCoursey by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


“Scary” Kerri Kenneson vs. Stephanie Geltmacher

Fight starts with Geltmacher landing a huge double leg takedown.  Geltmacher gets the top mount on Kenneson from there she’s landing punches, Kenneson tries to roll out and Geltmacher is controlling her and not letting her escape.  Geltmacher in half guard still just flattening out Kenneson and throwing elbows to the side of her head as the referee has seen enough and intervenes

Stephanie Geltmacher def.  “Scary” Kerri Kenneson by TKO 3:32 of 1st R


Miranda Maverick vs. Brogan Walker-Sanchez

Walker-Sanchez and Maverick clinch up and while trying to throw Walker-Sanchez Maverick lands on the ground first.  Back on the feet Maverick clinched up with Walker-Sanchez for a bit against the cage before they separate again.  Maverick lands a takedown on Walker-Sanchez and is on top putting a lot of pressure on her.  The round ends with Maverick on top.  Second round we see Maverick fully committed to the takedown and goes for it immediately and succeeds.  Maverick has a tight heel hook attempt on Walker-Sanchez but eventually is forced to let go, letting her opponent on top.  Walker-Sanchez maintains top position and transitions to Maverick’s back attempting a choke. Maverick is able to turn out and reverse to get top position.  Not much action to report before the end of the round which ends with Maverick on top again.  This is an evenly matched fight so far, tough one to score.  Maverick is active throwing punches on Walker-Sanchez who’s avoiding them well. Walker-Sanchez is the more confident striker but her volume is low, nothing is landing flush enough to hurt Maverick.  Towards the end they both pick up the pace landing a couple of hard punches in their exchange.

Brogan Walker-Sanchez def Miranda Maverick by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)


Kimberly Novaes vs. Heather Jo Clark

Round begins and Novaes immediately is clinched up with Clark against the cage, she attempts a double leg however she’s unable to get it.  Clark doing all she can to avoid giving up the takedown but Novaes is able to get her down.  Clark immediately shoots up now driving Novaes up against the cage she’s able to throw knees.  Clark pulls out of the clinch but Novaes sends her back up against the cage with forward punches.  Clark trips Novaes and works from top position while in her opponent’s rubber guard to end the round.  Second round starts and Clark finds herself avoiding punches and kicks from Novaes who immediately pushes the pace early on.  Novaes is coming forward and has Clark backing up to avoid her, Clark lands a nice left that backs her up however.  Clark is able to time a nice takedown attempt and is able to work from on top, Novaes scrambles out but to avail as Clark now has the back of Novaes. Clark is scoring points throwing punches from behind as the round ends.  Novaes looks tired in between rounds. Round three begins and Noveas pressures Clark up against the cage once again with a clinch and there is a short grappling exchange where Clark finds herself sinking to the ground. Clark is able to circle out successfully and stand back up.  Novaes now is mounting the back of Clark and controlling her with both hooks in as the round ends.

Heather Jo Clark def. Kimberly Novaes by Unanimous Decision  (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)


Felicia Spencer vs. Helena Kolesnyk

Kolesynk and Spencer engage quickly, Specer tries a takedown attempt however we see good defense by Kolesnky as she fires off some punches after stuffing the takedown.  Spencer throws a beautiful spinning head kick but it doesn’t land on Kolesnynk.  Spencer lands a takedown and from there transitions to the back of Kolesnyk and works her left hand under her chin.  Spencer is working punches from behind and is giving Kolesnyk alot of trouble threatening with the choke the attempt as the round ends.  Round two begins and Spencer lands a nice straight kick to the body, Spencer is all over Kolesnyk using spins to open up her takedown attempts.  Spencer gets a rear naked choke attempt from the back, it’s very tight and Kolesnyk taps out. Felicia Spencer

Felicia Spencer def. Helena Kolesnyk by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 1:47 of 2nd R

(Post Fight Note) UFC Women’s Featherweight Megan Anderson came into the cage to respond to a call out from Felicia Spencer who is now 5-0.  Anderson said she’s down to fight her at UFC Fight Night Adelaide.


Jinh Yu Frey vs. Minna Grusander Main Event for The Invicta FC Atomweight Title

Some quick flurries to start the round by Frey and Grusander.  Grusander is able to pressure Frey up against the cage but is unable to keep her there as Frey circles out.  Grusander again pressures Frey up against the fence. Frey is now trying to defend the takedown with Grussander on her back. Frey drops down to her knees to shake Grussander off and stands up but again she’s pressured.   Grusander finds the takedown and immediately locks in a kimura attempt as the round ends. Second round Grussander again is pressuring Frey against the fence however Frey is able to turn out and separate.  Frey throws a head kick that’s blocked by Grusander but it’s seemingly the only offense she’s been able to mount so far.  Grusander lands a nice head kick and then follows up with a body clinch on Frey pressuring her against the cage once again however Grusander is just holding position as the referee separates them.  Grusander keeps up the pressure however on Frey not letting up as the round ends.  Third round begins Frey ducks in and lands a takedown however Grusander brings up a high guard.  Frey stands up in her guard and lands a couple hammer-fists before re-entering her guard, Grusander traps Frey’s hand in order to attempt an armbar.  Grusander tries to scramble out but Frey gets her  back and has attempts a rear naked choke , unable to get it she throws some forearms from the top as the round ends.  Round four begins Grusander stays with the gameplan and is pressuring Frey against the fence, she lands a nice elbow.  Frey has a cut above the eye however she is able to circle away.  Frey lands a takedown in the center of the cage, but Grusander immediately stands up.  Grusander now sporting a black eye has Frey clinched up against the fence, she keeps the pressure up as the round ends. Fifth Round begins as both fighters are circling around each other, they’re throwing out their jab without landing anything.  Frey is trying to keep the distance, she’s not landing much volume and Grusander is attempting to close in.  Besides a couple of brief exchanges there isn’t much action to report as the round ends.

Jinh Yu Frey def. Minna Grusander by Uananimous Decision (49-46, 48-47, 48-47)


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