ISKA US Open – Full Day Pack – LIVE Stream

On July 1, the World’s most prestigious Martial Arts event is coming live on FITE – it’s ISKA US Open. Buying this pack, you receive access to the morning and evening session in the final day of the world’s biggest Open Martial Arts tournament.

The sport’s showcase event will draw the martial art’s elite athletes and teams from all over the world, as they attempt to dethrone the existing World Champions in a multitude of disciplines, including weapons forms,

Individual open-weight and team sparring, and various types of board and concrete breaking. The renowned three-day event is in its 39th year and attracts pre-qualified national champions from six continents. Previously seen on cable stream and linear broadcast primarily in the United States, for the first time the epic event will be available worldwide on the FITE platform featuring both the Saturday morning/midday ISKA World Breaking Championships, beginning at 10 AM ET / 7 AM PT, and the evening Sport Martial Arts World Championships in the most-followed World Title divisions, beginning at 7 PM ET / 4 PM PT. A World Record Breaking attempt will also grace the evening session.

Tune in, order today and watch right here via FITE!

“It’s estimated that 100 million people practice Karate worldwide,” said Kim Hurwitz, FITE’s CMO who possesses a Shotokan Karate Black Belt herself. “In the U.S. people are surprised to hear that more people practice martial arts than football, basketball or baseball – add to that families, friends and fans, and you have a massive audience to whom we are proud to present the most renowned practitioners vying for the most coveted World Titles of the art and sport of Martial Arts.”

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