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I’ve been watching guys in the locker room for about a year now and this is what I’ve found

I’m a trainer at a very popular, slightly overpriced NYC gym and I’ve seen a lot of stuff in the men’s locker room over the past year. Here are the highlights.

First off, everyone is looking.
If you’re in a shower with a bunch of guys, they’re looking at your cob. Why? They’re bored…and you usually don’t get to see them.

lockerroom locker room birddogs

Birddogs are a certified phenomenon.
If you haven’t seen this brand of shorts with built-in underwear, just come by my gym, because they’ve become the uniform of New York City men in their 20’s.

Bush is not back. Not yet at least.
I’ve never considered my pubice to be something that required regular maintenance, but apparently I’m out of sync with the general population in Manhattan. With a few notable exceptions, guys are treating their short and curlys like their front lawn: trimmed and neat, no balding.

No I’m not gay, but I don’t see why that’s relevant.

I know that’s why you clicked so I’ll give it to you. Yes, I’ve seen some mongos in my days, but for the most part guys are working with an Elmer’s Glue Stick with a quarter turn.

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