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Jack Della Maddalena

Jack Della Maddalena reveals he’s been offered Li Jingliang at UFC 284, believes the Chinese fighter will turn it down

Jack Della Maddalena has been offered a name for UFC 284 in Perth, Australia.

After Della Maddalena improved to 3-0 in the UFC with a TKO win over Danny Roberts, he called to fight whoever at UFC 284 in Australia. He made it clear he wanted to be on that card and after talking to the UFC, they have assured him he will be on that card.

“Honestly, yes. I have spoken to the matchmakers and they are going to be asking one guy this week who I’m pretty sure is going to say no. From there we will work our way through,” Della Maddalena said to Split Decision. “The first person that accepts the fight, I’m in. I really want to fight in Perth, I will 100% be fighting as long as my health is good, which it will be, I will be on that card. The UFC has said, yup we’ll get you on the card no matter what.”

Although Della Maddalena is confident he will get on that card, he isn’t sure who he will be fighting. As the Aussie revealed, the opponent the UFC offered was Li Jingliang but as he says, he expects the Chinese fighter to turn it down.

“I will give you one hint that will probably give it away, he’s Chinese… I think it’s obvious we know who it is. It’s a cool fight,” Della Maddalena said.”

If Jingliang does turn the fight down, Jack Della Maddalena says his ideal scenario would be to fight Sean Brady on that card, but again isn’t sure if the American will take it.

“If it was the perfect world, I would say Sean Brady. If Li Jingliang says no I want to fight Sean Brady,” Della Maddalena concluded.

For now, Della Maddalena is just training and awaiting an opponent to accept the fight to face him at UFC 284 in Australia.

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