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Fight League Atlantic: The Meaning of Jerico MacPhee’s FLA 1 Pro Debut

Jerico MacPhee

Jerico MacPhee speaks with MyMMANews

Fight League Atlantic is Canada’s newest Mixed Martial Arts promotion. The company’s mission is to be the premier platform that showcases the great MMA talents of Canada in exciting matches for a worldwide viewing audience. FLA 1 is just around the corner, which will air on February 8, live from Truro, Nova Scotia. The FLA 1 card will feature amateur and professional MMA bouts. One competitor featured on the FLA 1 show will be making his professional debut.

FLA featherweight competitor, Jerico MacPhee is deemed one of the brightest prospects from Canada. Passion, consistency, and dedication are the variables that have defined MacPhee’s evolution in combat sports. MMA always seemed like a compatible activity for the spirited Canadian. Since childhood, MacPhee was consumed in fighting and sports. Those behaviors would trigger an interest in becoming a Mixed Martial Arts fighter.

“I always was getting into fights growing up,” he said. “It’s just something I enjoyed doing from a young age. Watching fighters like Anderson Silva and GSP inspired me to become an MMA fighter.”

A fighting spirit with a high degree for learning, MacPhee’s entry into combat sports was an educational crash course. The daily gym grinds, constructing his fighting style, and enjoying the process, the picture became clear; Jerico was made to be a fighter.

“After I started training at the highest level and learning from the best guys, I began to put everything together and started learning how to fight properly. I knew then that this was for me.”

Since the start of his training, MacPhee’s ambitions have always been to compete professionally at the highest level. MacPhee’s amateur career saw him attaining many great achievements which include, collecting two title belts in different fight organizations. Unfortunately, he has also had to deal with hardships. The most crushing burden MacPhee experienced was the death of his mother. Stung by her death, her passing would serve as additional motivation to achieve greatness, no matter what obstacle stood in his path.

“Family has always been an inspiration for meMy mom passed away when I was sixteen, just three months before my first MMA fight. So I’m 100 percent doing this for her because she is a huge motivation for me.” 

Seven amateur victories, two losses, and many canceled bouts later, MacPhee is finally making his transition into the professional division. MacPhee will be making his pro debut at Fight Leagues Atlantic’s first event, FLA 1. Ranked the number 1 featherweight and lightweight in the country as an amateur, MacPhee is a perfect candidate to represent the company. MacPhee believes he is deserving of this opportunity, and the partnership with FLA will benefit them both.

MacPhee Training at Tristar

“Fight League has already raised the bar for Canadian MMA without even having their first show. Being able to debut for FLA on their first event on home soil means the world to me. I’ve been a top fighter in Canada for my entire amateur career. So this makes for a beautiful collaboration. They provide the opponent and venue. I will provide the fight and revenue. “I feel this is the perfect opportunity to make my professional debut and prove to everyone that I’m without a doubt, the next big fighter coming out of Canada.”

FLA matchmakers have provided a suitable opponent for this hungry fighter. Standing across from MacPhee will be another competitor making his professional debut, Douglas Monafee-Smith. MacPhee is not taking his opponent lightly. Breakthrough BJJ and Tristar MMA has been the support carrier, contributing to MacPhee’s past success. MacPhee will continue to utilize both teams’ assistance to secure the victory over Smith on February 8 at FLA 1.

“I train with the best martial artists in the world every day and constantly learning. The edge I will have over my opponent outside the cage is my mentality. I’m always playing out fight scenarios and thinking about positions so that in the fight, I don’t think, I react.”

Nearly a decade in the making, MacPhee’s first professional fight will b a pivotal moment in his life. The first impression is everything, and MacPhee is intent on showcasing his skills dominantly and decisively. The mission is simple; coming out, victorious, is crucial to turning his dream of being the best into a reality.

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