Jesse Murray

Jesse Murray Interview: What it would mean to earn a UFC contract on DWCS

Ohio’s Jesse Murray is one more eye-catching performance away from realizing his dreams of joining the UFC. The light-heavyweight faces Caio Borralho in week eight of Dana White’s Contender Series.

In this interview with Murray, he details what it’d mean to him to be awarded a UFC contract, why it was a blessing to receive the opportunity when he did, as well as his thoughts on the upcoming matchup.

Murray made his amateur MMA debut in 2013, before turning pro a little over a year later following back-to-back knockouts. Fast forward almost a decade and the 28-year-old is on the cusp of reaching the UFC.

Jesse Murray Interview

“If I get a UFC contract it would mean that all the sacrifices over the last 10 years were worth something more than just saying I was a fighter,” he replied. “I wouldn’t say I feel any added pressure because to me, objective one is to win the fight, then win the contract. But at the same time, I always want the finish. There was this saying told to me a long time ago pertaining to the fight world, it doesn’t matter if you finish him in 15 seconds or 15 minutes, it pays the same.”

Prior to receiving the call to appear on Dana White’s Contender Series, Murray was scheduled for an LFA title fight against Joshua Silveira. An injury forced Murray to pull out of the bout, but then he got the call.

“It surprised me a little bit,” he began, “Obviously this was the step we were working for anyway so it ended up being more of just like convenience more than anything. After the injury settled in, I kinda stressed out about a lot of things anyway. Then, having this opportunity come up was perfect timing.”

DWCS Matchup

“I think it’s a good one for me honestly on a lot of different levels,” Murray confirmed. “I feel like he’s kind of like the same style fighter that I am, which leans itself rather well to me considering I’ll hopefully be bigger, we’ll find out by the time we step in there together. Then also, him coming off a different strategy after who he fought last time. I feel pretty confident in every area. I know he likes to be a clinch fighter, which also leans well to what I like to do. So yeah, feeling pretty good.”

Make sure to tune in next Tuesday when Jesse Murray hits the stage in an attempt of securing the everso coveted UFC contract. Dana White’s Contender Series can be viewed on ESPN+, beginning at 8 pm (EST).

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