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Jesse Ronson

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Jesse Ronson “If I lose one more time in MMA, I’m not going to fight MMA ever again”

Jesse Ronson tests skills with Nordin Asrih at BTC 18 on December 10th. BTC Fight Promotions takes over Burlington, Ontario once again.

Ronson once again appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to touch on several subjects. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Jesse Ronson

This being Ronson’s first fight since his recent UFC run ended circa October 2022

“A quick turnaround from my last fight. That last fight that I had left a very sour taste in my mouth. Felt that I was winning the fight. I was getting caught with the stupidest shit that I never ever get caught with. So not that I was getting lazy, it’s just that I was getting cocky. The game plan was working perfectly but again, I lost the fight ultimately. Very upset I lost my UFC contract there. So I definitely want to get back into the win column as quick as possible. So it’s not like I let myself get that far out of shape.”

BTC 18

Preparations for Nordin Asrih, past camps, and Ronson’s current free agent status

“Train my strengths and everything else. Then four weeks to prepare for this guy. So with Nordin Asrih, he’s an older guy from Germany. Like he fights in his own promotion. So it’s like I told my coaches, I was like don’t even worry about watching tape. We’ll figure it out. We’ll watch his last fight or whatever fight we can get. Watch one of them and we’ll go from there. I didn’t watch any tape on Nicolas Dalby. I didn’t watch any tape on Troy Lamson.”

“It’s like all of my TKO fights, I didn’t watch any tape on guys. It’s just I get inside my own head and I start worrying about them. Then my coaches start worrying about them. It’s like let’s train our strengths. Jesse Ronson is good everywhere.”

“Now I’m not fighting at ’55 ever again unless there’s an insane amount of money thrown at me. I’m in a position right now where I’m getting tons of fight offers all the time. You want me, you’ll fight at the weight that I want to fight at. If there’s other offers then whoever pays the most is getting me…I’m open for big fights because if I lose one more time in MMA, I’m not going to fight MMA ever again. I’m not going to quit fighting but I’m just done with MMA. So if I’m going to lose, I want it to be against a worthy opponent.”

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