Joy Pyfer, Art of War 4, Adam Atiyeh

Middleweight blue-chipper, Joe ‘Bodybagz’ Pyfer, looking for another finish at AOW 5

Joe Pyfer has known the gym since he was 5 years old. Now, at 21, ‘Bodybagz’ (3-1) has become a must-see fighter with a very high ceiling. Joe has bonded with with icons like Sam Oropeza and Ricardo Migliarese as well as the entire Balance Studios talented group of fighters that also include Bassil Hadre Hafez and Anton Berzin.Joe Pyfer

“We are all chasing the same goals, the same result. Sam has been one of the biggest influences in my life as far as helping me stay on the right path. Made me look at things differently.”

Sammy O,  is currently retired, but boasts a 13-3 career record and is a Bellator veteran all while owning a 2-0 boxing stint. He has helped Pyfer in and out of the cage and is a huge believer that Joe will have great success in this sport before he is done.

‘Bodybagz’ comes to the cage looking for violence. It comes this week at Art of War 5, in his hometown of Philadelphia. The crowd will surely be lit in the after-glow of their Philadelphia Eagles winning Superbowl LII. Philly fans are passionate and raucous and will be expecting a knockout from their home-town prospect.

“The fight will be finished within 2 rounds, and it will not be a submission.  I don’t like Neighoff, and I don’t really like anybody I fight,”  Joe matter of factly states. You can hear the entire audio below.

Pyfer is the defending 185 lb champion and takes on 3-3 Sheldon Neighoff inside the 2300 Arena on Friday night, February 16th for his belt.  We will be cageside for up to the minute results, photos, and a full recap.


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