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Joe Rogan explains why he interviewed Conor McGregor after leg break

Explanation starts at 4:38 in the video above.

UFC 264 was a crazy card, full of crazy moments, but Conor McGregor’s post-fight tirade after his doctor stoppage loss to Dustin Poirier truly takes the cake. Amongst multiple expletives, ‘The Notorious’ would target Poirier’s wife with a sea of unsavory accusations detailed below.

“There was no check! There was not one of them checked,” McGregor said. “Your wife is in my DMs! Hey baby, hit me back up. I’ll chat to you later on! I’ll be at your after-party. The Wynn Nightclub. You look in bits, ya little ho! F*** him!”

As a result, UFC commentator Joe Rogan has come under fire from some fans for conducting the said interview. Critics have suggested McGregor was not in the right head space to be on the mic, after sustaining such a serious, career-threatening leg break and hold Rogan accountable for McGregor’s post-fight outburst.

The reality of the situation, however, couldn’t be further from this line of thinking, as Rogan explains on the JRE Podcast:

“People are like, ‘why did you interview him?’ He actually brought me over,” Rogan said. “He goes ‘come over here lad, let’s have a podcast’. ‘Come on Joe let’s have a f*cking podcast’. He like asked me to sit down next to him. I was like, ‘how am I going to do this. I feel like I should just get something out of him.’ Even if you recognize the fact that he is emotionally charged up, this is just him expressing himself while he was emotionally charged up.”

Since the leg break, McGregor has undergone successful surgery in Los Angeles and is expected to be out of crutches six weeks post-operation. Providing all goes well with his recovery, the Irishman wants to return to the UFC octagon in 2022 for a fourth fight with Dustin Poirier.

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