Lyoto Machida vs Jon Jones, guillotine choke

Workout of the Week – Jon ‘Bones’ Jones Guillotine Choke

Lyoto Machida vs Jon Jones, guillotine choke
Jones walking away from Machida after sinking in a nasty standing guillotine choke

Jon “Bones” Jones is considered to be one of, if not thee, best mixed martial arts competitor ever.

At his prime of 29 years old, the former light heavyweight king will be fighting in just about three weeks from now for the first time since April 2016 when he defeated Ovince Saint Preux.

Jones will be fighting current light heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier, who he (Jones) beat back in January of 2015. The two have been scheduled to fight each other in a rematch a number of times but, something has come in-between the two each time. The long anticipated rematch takes place at UFC 214, July 29, 2017 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

Jones vs Vitor Belfort from 2012

Jones has always had a solid strength and conditioning base. In each and every fight you have seen him keep up a great tempo, always pushing the action while smothering his opponents on the cage, in the clinch, and with strong takedowns.

How does this come about?

With a great strength and conditioning program, Jones has trained with some of the best including Kelly Tekin, Adrian Gonzales, and Jordan Chavez.

Each of these great coaches have trained Jones at different times and for different fights while the results remained the same: a dominating performance and a win!

I created the Jon ‘Bones’ Jones Guillotine Choke workout a couple years ago before his fight against Vitor Belfort.

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I took some things that Tekin and Gonzales have documented doing with Jones in preparation for his fights. I also added some power exercises Chavez has done in the last two years with Jones. Combing all of their knowledge, and some of my own things, I created a hard routine that will challenge your strength and cardio so you can dominate in the cage like Jon “Bones” Jones.

The Jon Bones Jones Guillotine Choke Workout:

Circuit 1: 3x

Stiff Leg Deadlifts 20

Jones performing a kneeling clean and press

Kneeling Clean and Press 10

KB Sumo Squat High Pull 20

TRX Pull Ups with a 3 count negative 10

Wood Chop High to Low 15 Each.

Circuit 2: 3x

1 Arm Swiss Ball Bench Press 8 Each

1 Arm Medi Ball Punch Throw 15 Each

Pushups 20

Sled Push 30 yards down 30 yards back

V-ups 20.

Circuit 3: 3x

KB Swings 20

Jones performing rope slams

1 Arm KB Snatch 10 Each

Box Jumps 20

DB Renegade Rows 10 Each

Hulk Throws 20.

Circuit 4: 3x

Hip Bridge with a reach 25 Each

Alternating Ball Slam Burpees 10 Each

Kimura Situps 10 Each

Side Lunge with a side kick 10 Each

Rope Slams 50.


Tabata Treadmill Sprints.


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