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Jorge Masvidal demands a fight contract from the UFC

Jorge Masvidal is tired of sitting on the sidelines without a fight. The BMF champ and former welterweight challenger is on a mission for gold. He wants to get back to the top and have another shot at the UFC belt. However, he is currently without a fight. Masvidal was a guest on the MMA Uncensored podcast where he spoke about trying to get an opponent, unsuccessfully.

“I’ve been freaking going in and out of Hunter [Campbell’s] office and calling him and they still haven’t given me a date or opponent,” Masvidal said ( via “I wanted to fight this year. I don’t know what the f–k’s going to happen. I already told them give me a f–king deadline before I go full blast takeover. Like one of those bad governments when they get flipped and stuff.”

Masvidal has not been shy about calling for a fight. He has mentioned wanting another shot at Kamaru Usman, Nick Diaz, and Leon Edwards all in the last few months. Masvidal’s last two fights were title shots against Usman, both losses. Prior to that, he had three wins in a row and grew himself as one of the most popular fighters on the roster. Masvidal had some words for Edwards, who he claims was offered the fight against him already.

“That guy is such a talking f–king machine,” Masvidal said. “Cause the contract’s in front of his face, he’s said no like two or three times already. We’re already moving on. We’re not gonna say names or nothing. I do a lot of this when it comes to contracts. It’s either yes or no when a contract gets put in front of me.”

Not to be outdone by Masvidal, Edwards tweeted his response to these allegations from Masvidal.

“This p–sy duck me for 3 years and I’m the coward lol everytime my name was mentioned he went running,” Edwards wrote on Twitter. “My next fight will be for the world title I don’t want to hear nothing about a guy coming off 2 fight skid and Got ko his last fight.”

Masvidal could very well be moving past Edwards, and if he is able to get another win over a top opponent then he could potentially leapfrog Edwards or entice him to fight.

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