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Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo says he won’t fight in 2020, but 2021 is an option

Jose Aldo is set to take on Alexander Volkanovski in a main card fight on this Saturday’s UFC 237 pay-per-view. Aldo, who is arguably the greatest featherweight of all-time said earlier in the week he is eyeing super fights and getting his title back.

Now, however, the Brazilian doesn’t expect to be fighting next year and wants to fight out his contract in 2019.

“It will all depend on this year,” Aldo said in his native Portuguese to MMAJunkie. “I think I’m giving it my all this year so I can get the new title shot and who knows. I don’t know about 2020, because I want to take one year to not do anything. Like a sabbatical, so I can just enjoy life a bit and maybe return. So I don’t know about 2020, but 2021 it could be.”

Although Aldo wants to take 2020 off, the legend wants to fight two more times this year, and he believes with a win here there is no question he won’t be fighting for the title again.

“That’s still the plan, but everything can change due to the fact that we’re very close to a title shot,” he said. “I think, winning this fight, there’s no way I don’t fight (for the belt), whether it’s with Holloway or whomever is the champion. It might change because of that, but I’m very close to retiring.”

Ultimately, Aldo wants to end his career on top, and knows how important this fight is to his career and his chances of fighting for the title again.

Yes, I’m always interested in fighting for the belt. I wanted to leave as champion,” he concluded. “I think that was always the best scenario I had in mind. So I do feel that way. I hope it happens. That’s what we’re training for. So by winning this fight, I think that’s the right way, a new title shot, and then I can leave the way I always dreamed.”

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