Jose Aldo Gamebred Boxing 4

Jorge Masvidal’s Gamebred Boxing - Jose Aldo (right) lands on Jeremy Stephens

Jose Aldo says he’s ‘really disappointed in the judges’ that scored his boxing match against Jeremy Stephens a draw

Jose Aldo thought he clearly beat Jeremy Stephens.

Aldo was rematching Stephens at Gamebred Boxing 4 on Saturday in Milwaukee in an intriguing fight. The two fought in the UFC with Aldo winning by TKO due to body shots and heading into the scrap, many expected the Brazilian to win. Yet, the scrap was back-and-forth and in the end, the judges scored it a draw which Aldo didn’t agree with.

“I really think I won this fight. I won four rounds. Maximum, I lost two rounds. But 100 percent, I won this fight. I’m really disappointed in the judges,” Aldo said after the fight. “I won this fight 100 percent. I feel disappointed and frustrated about the result because I worked very hard for this. Before my last fight in the UFC, I worked boxing every day, too. This year I worked every single day. I worked morning, nighttime and the way the fight going, I still won the fight. After the fight, I thought in my mind I won 100 percent.”

With Jose Aldo having a draw against Jeremy Stephens, he isn’t sure what is next. The hope for Aldo was to get past Stephens and secure a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather which has been in talks for a bit.

Yet, with the fight being a draw, Aldo isn’t opposed to having a trilogy with Stephens and running it back after their draw.

“I need to sit down with my management team, Ali Abdelaziz, to see the next step,” Aldo said. “He’s going to do the decision to have the third fight against Jeremy or make the fight with Mayweather. But I need to see for the next opponent about the weight. I feel the weight a little bit. Jeremy is probably 10, 15 pounds heavier than me. No excuses. He’s a tough guy. I like him. But I need to see this, because in the fight I felt the difference.”

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