Josh Hill

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Josh Hill on Marcos Breno “It’ll be a big step up for him”

Josh Hill takes on late replacement Marcos Breno at Bellator 284 on August 12th.

Hill appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and covered several subjects before this bout. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Josh Hill

Josh Hill’s thoughts on Bellator 284 replacement opponent Marcos Breno and if any adapting has been needed to the new task

“I look at the person and just kind of get a feel of their body style. What they kind of like to do, more so the way they move. But I don’t get too in-depth because I don’t expect the same person the next time they step in the cage. I myself, I like to change shit up every time. But just from watching him, I think he’s a young up-and-comer, hungry.”

Hill continued, “He’s coming off a nice knockout which got him signed to Bellator. So he’s going to come in I think very aggressive. He likes to come forward quite a bit. He’s going to look to try to make a statement in his first fight in the promotion. But I think as far as experience-wise, he hasn’t fought anywhere near my caliber. It’ll be a big step up for him.”

Bellator 284

Hill’s great uncle pro wrestler Jerry Valiant and how Hill’s demeanor seems to belie a pro wrestler’s

“If you ask my family or close friends, I’m actually naturally a very shy guy. I was a shy kid. But I guess when it comes down to kind of flipping the switch to do like an interview or a promotion or anything like that, I can do it. I don’t know really where that comes from. I guess maybe like you said the lineage there. It’s kind of in the blood. It’s something that I’m liking more and more and more as I get older. Who knows?”

“Maybe it will take me to another avenue. I actually even did a pro wrestling show one time, a wrestling match. I had to cut promos for that. It was fun. Just kind of got to get over yourself a little bit and just do it. Once you do it once, twice, three times, it just becomes like anything you become more confident at it.”

Shayna Baszler’s connection with Josh Hill

Hill’s own efforts in pro wrestling where he shoot choked someone out and long pro wrestling chats with Shayna Baszler at the TUF 18 house

“A buddy of mine Curtis asked me to just kind of get involved. He was a wrestler on the show. We did it and it kind of blossomed into something else. It grew and then it grew into an actual match with some promos…So it actually kind of worked out even better because it was even more realistic I guess. Instead of just getting the tap he was actually snoring there. I don’t know if Curt did that on purpose or he just maybe thought he could last a bit longer. But it made for a good ending, that’s for sure.”

Josh Hill continued, “Shayna, she was great, man. She was cool as shit. Me and her kind of hit it off. We always talked about stuff like that like wrestling. It’s great to see how well she’s doing in it. It’s definitely her calling for sure. Super cool to see that. Very proud of her accomplishments in that field.”

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