Juli Keller

Juli Keller is coming to win at Gut Check Championship Series

Juli Keller is a veteran of Muay Thai now with five fights under her belt.  She has fallen in love with the competition and specifically the training.  It helps her to have her fiance’ cutting weight and training with her on a daily basis and that support means everything to her. Keller knows what to expect going through fight camp and when she climbs into the ring.  Juli is not there just for fun.  She expects to win and believes that her team at Next Level Martial Arts has her well prepared for battle.

Keller’s next battle is on March 23 at Gut Check Championship Series, where she will throw kicks, punches and elbows with Casey Vizenor.  Please listen in to our audio interview below.  Julz Kay (on Facebook) brings energy and a thirst to get better and better.


Juli Keller, Gut Check Championship

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