Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung

Korean Zombie reveals he’s set for eye surgery, discusses possible Yair Rodriguez rematch

Korean Zombie will be on the sidelines for the next couple of months.

Chan Sung Jung, aka Korean Zombie, hasn’t fought since the end of December when he TKO’d Frankie Edgar in the main event of UFC Busan. After the fight, he revealed he was having vision problems. He was seeing double and would be talking to medical experts.

“Recently, it has been more important for me to figure out my double vision issue,” Jung told MMA Junkie. “It took a long time to get medical exams done and there was a difference with diagnoses between doctors in Korea and Phoenix.”

After talking with doctors, Jung is set for eye surgery that will keep him out of the Octagon until the summer.

“Finally, I decided to get the surgery done in Phoenix soon,” Jung said. “I am sure I will be able to get back to the cage around July or August because the surgeon says it is not a big surgery.”

When he is able to return to the Octagon a big question is who he will face. One possible opponent is the Yair Rodriguez rematch. Yet Korean Zombie isn’t sure if the Mexican will take the fight. But, he knows that scrap will happen in the future.

“Let me make sure I am okay to fight him again,” Jung said. “The fight was great, and that was one of the fights I never want to remove in my career. But I don’t think Yair wants to fight me because he already won the fight against me. I don’t see the reason I need to fight him, either, at this point in time. I expect I will meet him again in the future, and I promise it will be a great fight again.”

For now, Korean Zombie is focusing on his recovery and then has his eye set on the belt.

“Right now, my focus goes on Volkanovski,” Jung said. “If it would not work for me to fight the champion, I would be interested in fighting Ortega – but I want to make sure. At this moment, I want to fight Volkanovski.”

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