Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung

Korean Zombie Will Call Ortega’s Bluff, Ortega Has To Prove Him Wrong

This weekend’s card is a grudge match between Brian Ortega and The Korean Zombie. The two straight up don’t like each other, and it is apparent. In my Aftermath section on Rokfin, I talked about how Ortega has to have put in the work since his last fight to change as a fighter and it is up to The Korean Zombie to call his bluff.

I didn’t feel happy with what I had to say on that piece and didn’t feel I expanded enough on the thought so I will do so here.

As mentioned above, Ortega and TKZ have a pretty nasty feud going into this weekend’s main event. So much so that Ortega has walked up to Jay Park, friend of TKZ, and slapped him in the face for “talking trash” about him. The two say they’ve squashed the beef and just want to fight, but I don’t see them touching gloves when it’s time to fight.

Analyzing The Korean Zombie

We know what Chan Sung Jung brings to the table. He eats punches and pushes a high pace. He’s been on a tear and has fought almost perfect in his last four fights with the exception of one second at the end of the Yair Rodriguez fight. TKZ brings a great pace and has a fan-friendly fight style. He resembles Max Holloway in a less-output, more-power type of way. That’s why I favor TKZ over Ortega going into UFC Fight Island 6.

Korean Zombie’s job is quite simple, actually. Ortega says he’s changed and he’s evolved as a fighter. Zombie needs to go out and call Ortega’s bluff. The chink in his armor was seemingly glaring against Max Holloway and while Max probably made it seem easier than it actually was, Zombie needs to go out and beat Ortega on the feet.

Brian Ortega Proving Us Wrong

It is now up to Brian Ortega to show us the work he’s put in during the two year layoff from the Holloway fight. He says he has changed as a fighter and, for the sake of this fight, hopefully he is. Ring rust is a real thing as well going into this fight. Two years is a lot of time for a fighter to be out. Ortega, however, could be a different case. With all the damage he took from Holloway, Ortega has needed all the time he can get to recover. At the end of the fourth, the fight was called off due to the beating he was taken.

Ortega did have a camp somewhat in December of 2019 for this very fight. But he was forced to withdraw due to the injury, more sidelining from training. Ring rust will likely be a big factor in this fight.

But, Ortega needs to go out and prove a point at UFC Fight Island 6: he is deservingly elite. Let’s not forget that Ortega did knock Edgar out, had a highlight win over Cub Swanson and beat Renato Moicano. Ortega needs to find a way to get this fight to the ground and show off his firey Jiu Jitsu and announce to the world that he is back and Volkanovski better watch his back. A large, strong Ortega is ready for a war.

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