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Leon Edwards says he might walk out to Tyron Woodley’s song before their fight

Surging welterweight contender Leon Edwards is finding plenty of humor in his war of words between himself and his upcoming opponent. Edwards is facing former champion Tyron Woodley in the main event of UFC London on March 20 which will be broadcasted on ESPN+ in a very important matchup atop the division.

Campaigning for the fight, Edwards engaged in some back-and-forth with Woodley who got frustrated when “Rocky” Edwards went after his music career. During an interview with the “On The Mic” podcast, Edwards discussed the trash talk between Woodley and him, and how he found it shocking that the former champion got more upset when he went after his music career over his fighting career.

“It’s funny right because if you talk about him fighting, then he doesn’t recognize it. If you talk about his music, he goes crazy. So I started throwing some jabs here and there but he started it. I tried giving him respect and saying he was a great champion and he does this and that, then one day I looked at social media and he had a meme out so I gave him one back.

Since then he’s been like in his feelings but it’s all good. I’m just having fun. All the talking comes to an end in March, it’s all good. He’s the one taking it serious, I’m just having fun.”

In what might have been an even more eye-opening comment, Edwards would go on to say that he has considered asking the UFC he can walk out to one of Woodley’s songs. Woodley, who goes by TWOOODLEY in his music career, has a song called “I’ll Beat Yo Ass” which features Wiz Khalifa, and although Edwards wasn’t fully committed to the idea of walking out to his opponent’s music, he thought it would be another way to get under his skin. When asked if Woodley could make a song about him before their fight, that’s when he threw out the idea of walking out to Woodley’s song.

“Probably, if not, I’ll probably walk out to his music. That’d be funny if I walked out to his tune, that’d be a good one. I might do that, we’ll see. I’ll see closer to the fight.

During an interview with MMA Junkie, Edwards said he believes the UFC gave Woodley no choice to take the fight and that it was the fight that made the most sense inside the welterweight division.

Leon Edwards is currently riding an eight-fight winning streak with his most recent wins coming over Rafael dos Anjos, Gunnar Nelson, and Donald Cerrone. Currently ranked fourth in the division, a win over the former champion could set Edwards up for a title shot opportunity.

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