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Like the Paul Brothers, CFFC 91’s Solomon Renfro has his own way of breaking into boxing

Solomon Renfro can respect the hustle of Youtube stars in the world of boxing.

Jake Paul is coming off a first-round knockout of former NBA player Nate Robinson, while his older brother Logan Paul is set to face Floyd Mayweather on a Feb. 20 pay-per-view. The Paul brothers are not taking the traditional boxing route, but the Paul brothers are signing contracts and making money. 

Renfro also has aspirations to win a boxing world title. It may not be through YouTube, but the 23-year-old is resorting to MMA. Renfro can appreciate the way the Paul brothers broke into boxing careers.

“They’re making millions of dollars to go out there and box and they’re not even really boxers. If I could do the same thing and fight low caliber opponents, I might,” Renfro said.

“Fighting is entertainment and it’s a business, Floyd is going to get a paycheck, the guy he’s fighting is going to get a good paycheck and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. To take care of their families and I respect that.” 


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Solomon Renfro is unbeaten inside the cage

Renfro is a rising welterweight prospect with an undefeated record of 6-0 inside the cage. He searches for win No. 7 when he faces Team Alpha Male’s Mike Malott at CFFC 91 on Thursday, Dec. 18. 

Training out of Tiger Shulmann’s in New Jersey, Renfro is coming off the first finish of his career. He submitted Robert Gidron with an anaconda choke in 45 seconds at CFFC 82 this past August.

Renfro is surging in a pool of welterweight prospects, trying to earn a spot on the UFC roster. His dreams of winning UFC gold are only one half of his complete plan though. 

Renfro is eying to be the first ever UFC and WBO champion in history.

The New York native started boxing as a child and still trains with professional boxers to this day. Renfro realized it would be tough to break into the professional boxing world by competing at the Golden Gloves or the Olympics, so he opted to compete as a mixed martial artist. 

Renfro’s plan is to eventually cross over to boxing after establishing his name inside the octagon. 

“I figured I’d go the MMA route, I love MMA anyway, dominate there and when i’m ready, go to boxing,” Renfro said. “Ideally, I’m hoping I get to the UFC and work something out with Dana and be like, ‘Yo, can I balance it out? Win one in MMA, win one in boxing and just stay active.’”

Solomon Renfro
SYRACUSE NY Referee Forrest Hobbick raises Solomon Renfro an 18 year old from Buffalo NY hand after defeating Matt Flynn during an amateur fight at the first ever MMA Classic Fan Expo at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse NY Oct 3 2015 Photo by Joseph DiGirolamo

Anything is possible

Renfro is still young in his career, in search of  a UFC contract. He is doing one thing right to eventually get there; he’s winning. Malott is another part of the journey, someone who is standing in the way. 

Renfro is confident he’s better in all aspects of MMA than his opponent. He also is looking for this victory to earn him a call-up. Another step in the bigger picture. 

If there’s one thing Renfro has taken from the Paul brothers, it’s that anything is possible. 

“If that can happen, why can’t my goal happen? If these Youtuber guys can fight Floyd Mayweather, you can’t tell me I can’t fight Canelo [Alvarez] and win,” Renfro said. “That’s the game plan.”

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