Marcin Filipczak I Go Out to Win to Dominate

Marcin Filipczak: “I Go Out to Win, to Dominate”

Fight Exclusive Night is set for their second event of 2021 with FEN 33. The date set is Saturday, March 27, 2021, in Lodz, Poland. With the few fights officially announced, FEN could sell out the event in Poland. For instance, one of those young, rising Polish stars that fans are excited to see is light heavyweight Marcin Filipczak. Proven to be an exciting, finishing-style fighter inside the cage, Filipczak will have the chance to take one more step closer toward FEN championship gold. You can check out the event here, through the FEN homepage.

Finding MMA and Early Pro Days

As with many fighters, Filipczak entered the world of combat sports through boxing. “I found my way to martial arts thanks to my friends with whom I had known since I was a child and with whom I later practiced martial arts with. I started with boxing, where I was doing well, I was already thinking about amateur fights, but one of my friends who competed in MMA persuaded me to train BJJ. After the BJJ training, I saw that boxing alone was insufficient and I started to combine boxing with BJ. First came two medals and that’s how it all started,” Filipczak told MyMMANews.

Filipczak has had great training throughout his career and much of that is based around two men. “Przemyslaw Szyszka, for sure, I want to thank. He showed me other training methods and he showed me what I was doing wrong. He improved my attitude toward training,” stated Filipczak. “The second of my trainers is Dawid Peplowski, with who works on my wrestling and ground work. That’s where it used to be my weaker side.”

Ascending the Polish Ranks

Though still young in his professional career, Filipczak has won his last four fights after dropping his pro debut. All four of those finishes have come in the first round with three of those by knockout. His last outing in November 2020 was a knockout in 21 seconds of the first round. “Since my professional debut, I have three KO’s in the first round and one submission in the first round. When I go into each fight, I go out to win, to dominate, and to show my superiority over the opponent. That comes out of my determination to win quickly,” stated Filipczak.

Next for Filipczak is a showdown with Rafal Kijanczuk at FEN 33 on March 27, 2021. With another fantastic win, Filipczak could find himself in a battle with Marcin Wojcik sometime this year for the FEN light heavyweight championship. In conclusion, the Polish talent has the tools to carry the torch from his fellow big Polish strikers into the future.

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