Marcin Jablonski: Another Bright Polish Prospect Ready For His Turn to Shine

Marcin Jablonski: Another Bright Polish Prospect Ready For His Turn to Shine

With Babilon MMA set for their fourth MMA show of 2021 with Babilon MMA 22: Bleszynski vs Wawrzyniak, another Polish lightweight is ready to show his potential super-stardom. Marcin Jablonski is set for the co-main event where he can find himself 3-0 in Poland’s elite MMA organization. Currently, on a six-fight winning streak, a big win on Friday, May 21, 2021, at Babilon MMA 22 would put the young Polish lightweight directly into the title talks.

Finding MMA By Accident

Some people look into getting into MMA while others stumble across the sport. For Jablonski, it was the latter. “I came into combat sports by accident. In 2008 a kickboxing club opened on the same street where I lived. My friends went there and I went up with them, and I just continued training. In 2012, my good friend Paweł Wróblewski persuaded me to try my hand at MMA at the Arrachion Olsztyn Club. I am there to this today,” Jablonski told MyMMANews.

You will not find a better teammate than Jablonski. He understands the importance of a good team with great coaches and teammates. “In my opinion, the coaches and teammates with whom you train have an influence on the proper development of a fighter. I would not have achieved such results had it not been for the efforts of Szymon Bońkowski and Paweł Derlacz. I am fairly difficult and the coaches have great patience with me. When it comes to sparring partners, I think that there is probably no one who had the greatest influence on me than guys in Arrachion at the present time. They are at a very high level. Everyone is also good at something in different aspects and everyone has something that can be picked up and used in combat,” said Jablonski.

Massive Opportunity at Babilon MMA 22

A win against Alan Langer at Babilon MMA 22 would not only keep his undefeated streak alive but would set him up for a primetime showdown with one of Europe’s hottest prospects in Daniel Rutkowski. “I think it is the natural sequence of things that after winning against Alan my next fight will be for the belt, but I try not to think about it at all. Alan presents a high-level 0f difficulty, and it won’t be easy with him,” stated Jablonski. Not looking past the current task at hand, a showdown with Rutkowski would put the world on notice that the young Polish fighter is ready for the brightest of lights.

So what can fans expect from Jablonski when the upcoming star enters the cage? “It will be a better fight than the one with Paata Tschapella. We have changed a lot in our preparations, and feel better. We are preparing for a specific opponent. Before that I had four opponents and everyone dropped out of the fight, so it was hard to prepare for it,” stated Jablonski.

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