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Mary Brulatour on finding her “sense of belonging”

Have you ever come across the kind of person that immediately intrigues you? Whether it be by their personal interests, their history, or “story”? So to speak…

Speaking with Mary Brulatour for an extensive period is enough to intrigue anyone she interacts with. She’s passionate when she speaks. Humble, as well as overtly kind. She’s inviting and extremely articulate with her words so much so, she seems wise beyond her years.

However, in the ring, she’s intelligently, beautifully violent. “In the ring, it’s like there’s a different Mary,” she says. “And I really like getting to be her for a couple minutes here and there!” Coming off of the biggest win of her career, Mary Brulatour traveled to Real del Monte, in Hidalgo, Mexico, and not only defeated their #1 female Muay Thai 105lb fighter for the LBTM title, in Valeria Ramirez. She did it impressively. Utilizing her reach in the contest with jabs and teeps, she maintained her game plan and executed it to near perfection.

However, the 105lb. champ has other passions she has to itch. Brulatour is also a member of the band Self Defense Family. A band signed by Run For Cover Records, Brulatour plays shows and participates as often as she can. Her training, regimen, and diet were on point for the bout. However, being the performer that she is, she found ways to play shows in New York and Philadelphia on top of her strict training leading up to this bout. Something she says is “exceptional” in this scenario.

When all is said and done, the fruits of her labor paid off, and Mary Brulatour left Mexico a proud champion inside and outside of the ring!

Tune in above as Mary Brulatour spoke with MyMMANews.com about her surreal experience in Real Del Monte, Hidalgo, Mexico. She discusses the trip, her experiences in another country around the holidays. As well as going into war with her teammates at Rami Elite and the man who helped her believe in herself, Rami “The Son of Palestine” Ibrahim.

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