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Matt Krayco

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Matt Krayco on Unified MMA 41 bout and being on UFC Fight Pass

Matt Krayco collides with Cole Campbell at Unified MMA 41 on September 24th. This goes down at River Cree Resort and Casino in Edmonton, Alberta, and broadcasts on UFC Fight Pass.

I spoke with Krayco ahead of this fight and excerpts from our conversation are below.

Matt Krayco

Getting a buzzer-beater, first-round stoppage in his last bout under the BTC banner

“I thought he was getting out of that round. Lots of control, being patient, seeing what he was bringing. The scary thing is everyone’s like oh my god that was so good. I talked to my coaches and the guys I’ve been working with and they’re like, man people didn’t even get to see what you’ve been working on. Like my real shine. That’s the scary thing. I’m not gonna lie to you, I felt robbed. I honestly did. I wanted more rounds and wanted more time. Was just trying to have a good position. I was like ‘No’, before the clapper went off. Knew that the round was coming towards the end. Well I feel great, I’m not scared of getting tired here.”

Matt Krayco continued, “Let’s put it on a bit and see if we can get some cuts. Haze him up a bit before he goes to his corner so his recovery is not as good. But I was planning on getting right back to the feet and stuff like that….Really strongly think that my wrestling and jits game is hugely underrated. To be able to show a little bit and have people respect that more.”

Unified MMA

If this Cole Campbell bout in Unified MMA can allow Krayco to showcase never before seen skills in the cage

“Potentially. Every fight you have to take differently and stuff like that. You adapt to what’s given to you and whatnot. But you also look at his record and see most of his losses. That’s the thing. In this game, everyone gets to the point, everyone knows a little bit of everything. You can’t overlook anyone. You can’t look at records, you’ve got to prepare for the worst. And train your ass off. Ready to go for whatever comes, obviously I know he’s a very strong wrestler. Obviously, I know he’s good with his ground game and knowledge of jits.”

Matt Krayco continued, “I give him credit for his standup and stuff like that. But it doesn’t matter where it goes. You can’t worry about others. Obviously, we implemented and worked on things that we needed to for this fight… Once again, I respect him. He stepped up to the fight when a lot of people wouldn’t. Happy to be in there. Grateful for Sunny (Sareen) getting me on the card.”

Unified MMA 41

Parting thoughts for Matt Krayco

“Look for fireworks. You’re only as good as your last fight. Every fight is the biggest opportunity in life. No matter what it is. Thing is, no one’s truly seen or got to witness my full potential. That’s the scariest thing. Getting with the head with the body and everything else like mind-wise. I’m in such a good place and it’s just connecting. It’s scary…I feel bad for who’s across from me. Something was woken up again and it ain’t stopping.”

“I’m not getting any younger. We’re going full bore ahead and we’re not stopping. Very excited for it and the whole card from top to bottom. Sunny and them at Unified (MMA) do an excellent job. The energy and atmosphere and stuff like that. It’s gonna be an exciting night. I’ll put an little extra stamp on there for everyone.”

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