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Matthew Semelsberger discusses his upcoming fight at UFC Vegas 71

Matthew Semelsberger has seen a huge growth in his MMA career within the last few years.

In late 2019, Semelsberger won in the main event of Maverick MMA 15, which was a small regional event held in Scranton, Pa.

Three months later in February of 2020, Semelsberger would remain busy and move to the Art of War promotion in Philadelphia, Pa and once again he picked up a win to improve to 6-2 as a professional fighter.

Then in March of that year, the world start shutting down as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

During that time, UFC president Dana White told every fighter out there to be ready for an opportunity and Semelsberger would end up being one of those athletes.

In August of 2020, Semelsberger made his UFC debut, picked up a win in that fight and would never look back.

Since joining the promotion, Semelsberger has had to learn on the job a little bit, but it hasn’t slowed him down from making a good impression on the company as he’s now 5-2 in the UFC.

As Semelsberger continues to win and work hard, bigger fights are starting to come along and at UFC Vegas 71 on April 22, Semelsberger will have a huge opportunity.

At that event, Semelsberger will be taking on Jeremiah Wells in a welterweight matchup between two rising contenders.

Both fighters have had great moments inside of the octagon and both are getting closer to having a shot at a ranked fighter in the welterweight division.

In fact, Semelsberger is expecting this fight to be a war given the way him and Wells matchup stylistically. Semelsberger knows he’ll have to be smart when the cage door closes, but at the end of the day, he’s planning to head back to his home Maryland with a win.

Prior to the fight, Semelsberger spoke with MyMMANews to discuss his upcoming fight with Wells, his growth in his UFC career, the MMA scene in Maryland and being a fan of the Star Wars franchise.

You can watch his full interview in the video above.

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