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Max Holloway devastates Calvin Kattar in title eliminator UFC Fight Island 7

Max Holloway gets his hand raised after beating Calvin Kattar at UFC Fight Island 7.

Max Holloway devastates Calvin Kattar in title eliminator

The UFC‘s first event of the new year will make history on “Fight Island” today, Saturday, Jan. 16.

A battle between the former featherweight king Max Holloway and rising contender Calvin Kattar serves as the headliner of UFC on ABC 1. It is the promotion’s first card to air on the ABC network.

The co-main event features a contest between two long-time UFC welterweights as Carlos Condit faces Matt Brown.

Max Holloway absolutely obliterated Calvin Kattar in the ABC main event. Holloway landed t most significant strikes in UFC history during his impressive performance. Kattar deserves all of the respect in the world lasting through five viscous rounds against the former title holder. If this performance doesn’t demand a rematch against Alexander Volkanovski, this sport has zero integrity.

Round 1:

Holloway starts out with a job early trying to keep Kattar away. Kattar is known for being a slow starter so he might just be picking his moment. Holloway is throwing a lot faster right now. Holloway’s combinations look flawless. He is constantly going high and low. Right now Kattar doesn’t look like he has an answer for it. Kattar finally landed some head shots in the last two minutes of the round. Kattar simply looks outmatched in this fight so far. Holloway landed a beautiful back kick to Kattar’s body.

10-9 Holloway


Round 2:

Callaway continues his game plan from round one. He keeps tagging Kattar with multiple combinations. I don’t know if Kattar is looking for a counter punch, but right now it’s just not there. Halfway through the round in Holloway lands another spinning back kick. It’s the third one in the fight. Kattar’s right eye is cut. How old is about to end this right now. I don’t know that Kattar can take much more of this. This round was dominant for Holloway. The blood on the Holloway’s face is all of Kattar’s.

20-17 Holloway


Round 3:

Holloway starts his attack again a minute into round three. Kattar landed a big uppercut showing he isn’t ready to go down. Holloway cut Kattar again halfway through the round. Holloway has almost landed more significant strikes then Kattar has thrown.

30-26 Holloway

Round 4:

Holloway continues to back Kattar into the cage. Kattar has landed some shots but they are so few and far between. Always smells blood at three minutes in. He’s about to finish this fight against Kattar. Holloway has landed about half a dozen vicious elbows in that strike. hallway has officially landed more significant strikes than Kattar has thrown. This has to be another 10 – 8 round.

40-34 Holloway

Round 5:

Holloway continues his forward attack into the fifth round. Kattar is still throwing punches but they seem amazingly ineffective against Holloway. Kattar is still hitting Holloway. How? Kattar hasn’t even been close in any of these rounds. This is the most dominant performance of Holloway’s entire career.

50-43 Holloway


(50-43; 50-43; 50-42)

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