Max Holloway handles loss like a class act

Max Holloway takes aim at Alexander Volkanovski ahead of UFC 276: “This man talking about three-peat, he doesn’t even have three highlights in the UFC”

Former featherweight champion Max Holloway took aim at reigning champion Alexander Volkanovski ahead of their trilogy fight at UFC 276.

Former UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway is not taking his eyes off reigning champion and his UFC 276 opponent, Alexander Volkanovski. The two fighters will meet for the third time in three years, and while Volkanovski has won both, the former champion believes he had previously done enough to win at least one of the first two meetings between them. During the lead-up to UFC 276, Holloway has been asked about his thoughts on the first two matchups and after he shared his thoughts, Volkanovski said it was “pretty silly” for the champion to believe he won either of the fights.

Ahead of their matchup on Saturday, the two marquee featherweight fighters met at the pre-fight press conference, and a fired up Max Holloway came out ready to throw fire at the champion. As the two engaged with the media during the press conference, Holloway was a bit animated when asked about the possibility of the champion going 3-0 against him, insulting the lack of highlights on Volkanovski’s resume according to him.

“You guys are going to find out Saturday night. This man talking about a three-peat or something, this man doesn’t even have three highlights in the UFC.”

The reigning champion Volkanovski would acknowledge the out-of-ordinary trash talk from Max Holloway, saying the former champion “came to play” in which “Blessed” confirmed indeed he did. Although later on the two of them would show legitimate respect for one another, the former champion continued to take shots, saying that the champion doesn’t give out any damage.

“All week all I heard was you guys talking about damage, we’re talking about damage here. All you guys, damage this, damage that, I’m known for taking damage and he’s known for not giving it, so let’s get it.”

There would be no crazy back-and-forth or personal insults that crossed the line in the pre-fight press conference, but it’s clear that Max Holloway is hellbent on getting back the UFC featherweight title. They may respect each other, and they may have different opinions on how the first two matchups went between them, but if the pre-fight press conference was any indication, the score is not settled between these two, and they plan to steal the show at UFC 276 this weekend.

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