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Megan Anderson addresses fans following final fight on UFC contract, ‘plenty of opportunities for me’

Megan Anderson is no longer under a UFC contract. She fought out her current contract when she faced featherweight champion, Amanda Nunes, in the co-main event of UFC 259. Anderson came to the UFC in 2018 as one of the fresh faces added to the featherweight division. Since the start of the division, not many true 145-pounders have been added. Anderson leaving the organization does not bode well for the struggling division. Anderson took to social media after news of her free agency came out to addresses her status.

In light of the news that came out yesterday, I wanted to address my fans, and say thank you for all the love and support you have sent me over the past few days,” Anderson wrote. “Saturday night was fight number 6 of my 6 fight deal with the UFC. I had an amazing run with the promotion, culminating in a UFC world title fight. If you know me and the journey I have been on, just to reach the pinnacle of the sport is something I am incredibly proud of. I want to thank my team and everyone at the UFC for the past 3 years, it’s been amazing to perform for my fans on such a big stage.”

There are plenty of options out there for the Australian. Prior to coming to the UFC, there wasn’t a ton of options for a featherweight fighter. Now with Bellator having a striving featherweight division, that could be the perfect landing place. Another option could be Professional Fighters League, although they don’t have a featherweight division, Anderson’s size could afford her the chance to try her hand at lightweight. The prize of one million dollars could be a great reason to make the move up.

“I’m looking to rest up and heal from my injuries before I decide what is next for my MMA career,” Anderson wrote. “Regardless of what the UFC decides to do with the Women’s 145 division, there are plenty of opportunities for me across the world to continue to do what I love. Thank you all, and stay tuned!”

The UFC could very well offer Megan Anderson another contract, but rumors that the featherweight division could be closing are flying. Dana White has said that he will keep the division open for as long as Nunes wants to defend, but those days could be numbered. Nunes is 32 years old, defending in two different divisions, and has just started a family. Retirement could be looming.

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