Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping open to sharing a beer with Luke Rockhold

Michael Bisping has always been known for having one of the best personalities in mixed martial arts. His skills on the microphone have provided some of the best trash talking moments the sport has even heard.

Now that Bisping is retired, he’s still an influence on the sport. Bisping is a UFC commentator and he also has a poplar podcast called “Believe You Me.”

While his skills on the mic are still amazing, he has since turned a new leaf. In an interview with Submission Radio, Bisping is no longer the guy to walk around, talk trash and get under fellow fighters skins.

“I’m a different person now from when I was fighting, that’s for sure,” said Bisping. “Before, anybody walking around in my weight class, they were kind of my enemy, you know? And they were, they were my enemy, or my opposition. They were definitely my opposition, and I was always sizing people up. And I feel that when you meet under those circumstances, it’s a very unique set of circumstances that you might potentially fight one day, so therefore you don’t want to get too close.”

Bisping went further to explain just how much he’s changed and it might be a huge surprise to most people as Bisping said he’s cool with his long time rival Luke Rockhold.

“Me and Luke Rockhold, I mean, listen, the guy’s still a bit of a tit, isn’t he? Let’s be honest. But I will say this, Daniel Cormier, DC, is a great guy, I’ve got a tone of respect for that man, and he’s like best mates with Luke Rockhold. So, I guess Luke Rockhold can’t be that bad, otherwise DC couldn’t be friends with him. So, I think if we met under different circumstances, who knows, we could be going surfing together. Not that I surf, but you know what I’m saying.”

Bisping and Rockhold fought twice during their careers. In the first meeting, Rockhold submitted Bisping and then would eventually go on to defeat Chris Weidman for the middleweight championship. Bisping would have the last laugh though. Rockhold’s first title defense came against Bisping, who took the fight on two weeks notice. Bisping would knockout Rockhold in the first round to capture the championship.

Not only was there drama in their fights, but the build up to both fights were filled with trash talk with Bisping showing off some of his best one-liners. Now all of that is water under the bridge to Bisping.

“Listen, those days are behind me now. I have no ill will, I wish everybody the best, I don’t have any grudges, and yeah, I’d happily share a beer with Rockhold.”

Not only would Bisping drink with his former foe, but it was super close to happening a few months ago.

“ I remember I was commentating in Raleigh. It was me and DC and Brendan Fitzgerald, and DC, bit of a bad influence, trying to get me out the night before with him and Rockhold. And I’m like, mate, listen, you don’t wanna do that. I’m working in the morning. If I’m gonna be commentating, I don’t drink the night before, otherwise things get a bit messy.”

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