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Michael Bisping says he has no issue with Jorge Masvidal anymore

In the main event of UFC London this Saturday, Jorge Masvidal will be taking on Darren Till. Although the two have gone back-and-forth with trash talk since the fight got announced. However, arguably the biggest grudge on the card will not between them. Rather, that honor goes to Masvidal and UFC commentator, Michael Bisping.

The two have not liked each other for years, but now Bisping is hoping to meet Masvidal and end the hatred.

“I hope I see him in London,” Bisping said of Masvidal on his Believe You Me podcast (transcript via MMA Fighting). “I hope I see him in London so I can just walk over and say, ‘Hey, listen, can we just end this bullsh*t?’ Because as I’ve said, I don’t know the guy. I don’t know him and he doesn’t know me.

Ultimately, Bisping assured he has no issue with Masvidal. The hope is the two can finally start to get along. It is unknown if Masvidal is ready to end the trash-talk, or even wants to meet Bisping. But, the former champion has no issue with Masvidal.

“I’m not against Masvidal anymore,” Bisping said. “I’ve got no issue with him. I never had.

“Let’s see how he behaves in London. Now that I’m with ESPN and not Fox, when we used to travel to the arenas for Fox, Fox always put us up in a separate hotel – a very, very nice, five-star bougie hotel I might add. Now we’re in UFC hotel, so we’re surrounded by all the fighters and stuff like that. So no doubt I’ll be seeing him around fight week. So let’s see how all that goes. If there’s another interaction, if he’s trying to start a fight with me in the lobby like he did in New York, and in Shanghai, and in London. [But] I think that ship has sailed.”

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