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Michael Jai White talks ‘Triple Threat’, working with Michael Bisping, favorite MMA fighters

Actor and martial artist Michael Jai White checks in with MyMMANews.com to discuss his new movie Triple Threat, which is available on DVD, Blu-Ray Combo, and Digital HD. White has been featured in films such as Spawn, The Dark Knight, Tyson, Mortal Combat: Legacy and many more.

White plays the character Devereaux in the film, who is part of a group of professional assassins — along with Scott Adkins and former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping — to battle against wanted mercenaries — played by Tony Jaa and Tiger Chen — as a contract is taken out on a billionaire’s daughter, played by Celina Jade.

In our exclusive interview, White discusses the film, whether he prefers to play the villain or the hero, if there are any fight scenes we can expect to see in our social media rabbit holes from Triple Threat, what fight nights look like at his house, who his favorite MMA fighters are, what other movies we can expect from him in 2019, his busy schedule, why you should check out and support Triple Threat and much more.

White also discusses what it was like to work with Michael Bisping in the movie.

“I love that guy,” White told MyMMANews.com. “He is hilarious and he’s a brilliant person. He’s a little polarizing, which is another fun thing as people tend to love him or hate him. But if you get to know who he is, it’s hard not to like the guy. I can see a huge future in this business for him. When Michael gets the right character, he’s going to skyrocket.”

Check out the full interview with actor Michael Jai White in the video above.

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