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Michael Schiavello: “Cut your own path! And make it a path that you are remembered for!”

Michael Schiavello is a voice that has been heard throughout the realm of combat sports for 20+ years. In fact, he IS “The Voice.” With a nickname coined for his notoriously unique style of commentary and catchy one-liners, Schiavello has become a staple in the fight game.

In less than a week on October 1st, the combat sports superstar is set to release “Good Night Irene: How a bullied fat kid from Melbourne became a global broadcasting star.” A publication where he digs deep to share “stories about my life.’ He recalls periods of his life where his determination and hard work ethic elevated him from a young bullied child to the red hot commodity in mixed martial arts that he is today. From K1 Dynamite to Dream and all the way to the Olympics, Schiavello is proud to share what he has endured. “It’s a legacy that I hope has a message.” It’s these stories that have lead him to be known as one of the most prominent figures in combat sports history.

“It’s a memoir,” Schiavello emphasizes. “I go back to those early days and go back to when I was at school and a young kid growing up.” Schiavello remembers “being in grade 3 that I first got teased or I remember being teased about my weight.” He calls it, “the shattering of innocence.” Remorsefully remembering, “you don’t know it until someone points it out and starts teasing you.” A feeling which anyone who has been a victim of bullying knows well.

Being told by people, “I don’t have the right look,” Schiavello worked tirelessly “proving those naysayers wrong, having a dream, being dedicated, working hard on it! Being motivated and just doing everything I possibly could to prove those naysayers wrong to send a message that I hope really comes through in the book.” He continues his persistence, “no matter what you look like if you believe in yourself, you work hard enough and have desire, you can achieve anything!”

Tune in above to hear the full interview with “The Voice” Michael Schiavello as he discusses his upcoming book with Adam Crist of MyMMANews. Schiavello shares exclusive glimpses into “Good Night Irene” before its worldwide release coming up on October 1st. Be sure to pre-order Michael Schiavello’s newest release at and Amazon.

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