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Mickey Gall discusses upcoming fight against Mike Perry on June 27

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Mickey Gall has been looking for a big name opponent and now he’s gotten one in Mike Perry. The two will meet on June 27 in Las Vegas and Gall is looking forward to this upcoming big fight.

“I’ve been wanting to fight this guy for awhile,” Gall told MyMMANews. “I’m a low-key Mike Perry fan. I think he’s a great fighter, a violent dude, a savage, but I’m a killer. I like the fight a lot and it’s going to be a great night for me.”

Perry is a UFC fan favorite and has one of the best social media followings in the game. Given that, Gall actually took the time to step up his Instagram game and poke some fun at his opponent calling Perry dumb.

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Dumbest fighter vs Smartest fighter Do not @ me

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All joking aside, Gall does respect Perry and he’s happy to finally have an opponent, as he’s had a tough time finding one as of late. He has been scheduled to fight against Carlos Condit, Alex Oliveira and Phil Rowe over the past six months, but all three fights were canceled due to various reasons. Now Gall plans on making the best of his return to the octagon.

“I’m good,” Gall said. “During this quarantine thing with everything shut down, I’ve been doing my thing. I’ve been running, I’ve been wrestling, I’ve been upping my skills and I’ve been taking proper rest when I need to. I’ve been taking care of myself and trying to do this smart. I’m putting all the work in, I’m going hard, I’ve been going to those dark places and doing my thing. I feel very confident going into this whole thing.”

Gall’s goal is to one day be a UFC champion and a win over Perry would be a big step in the right direction as a win would get Gall the opportunity to fight a ranked opponent and may even get him his first ever UFC ranking.

“He’s a tough kid with a lot of knockout power. I’ve never been knocked out, knock on wood. It’s fun. It’s going to test me as a martial artist and I know I’m going to test him.”

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