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Aug 10, 2019; Montevideo, MO, Uruguay; Vicente "The Silent Assassin" Luque (red gloves) vs. Mike "Platinum" Perry (blue gloves) during UFC at Antel Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Perry sends worrying messages about his weight cut: ‘Maybe I should just lay the gloves down. I don’t want it’

Mike Perry was very open to the fact he is unlikely to make weight today.

On Friday morning in Las Vegas, Perry will need to make 171-pounds for his UFC 255 main card fight against Tim Means. Yet, it appears the weight cut is a tough one for “Platinum” who took to social media to reveal he is likely not going to make the weight.

“I’m sorry man. I don’t think I can make it. I have always talked trash during weight cuts so that if I couldn’t make it I could say I told y’all I wasn’t sure. Maybe I’ve outgrown this. I did try to ask for a fight at 185 but maybe I just don’t have it anymore. I’m so thankful to all the kind people at the @ufc,” Mike Perry revealed.

Perry said he was 189-pounds and tried running and sweating in the sauna but only got down to 177lbs and can’t get any more weight off him.

“Can’t believe I’ve even been here this long. Maybe I should just lay the gloves down. I don’t want it. I’m just in over my head with this weight. I was just 189 and now I’m 177 and I can’t sweat. I ran with a nice sauna suit, got in the portable sauna for 15 minutes, nothing,” Perry tweeted.

After several fans told Mike Perry he better make the weight, Platinum fired back at fans saying he is dying already and isn’t sure if he can get off the final six pounds.

“So easy for people to sit there and say shit but I swear I feel like anyone saying I’m weak for this doesn’t cut weight. It’s death to me. I’m dying already and have 6 more lbs to go. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s harder than the first 14,” Perry concluded.

Mike Perry is scheduled to meet Tim Means on the main card of UFC 255.

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