Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier holding onto his UFC light heavyweight title

Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier spar on Twitter; Cormier says Cain Velasquez would beat Miocic

There are plenty of fighters looking for a chance to face Daniel Cormier for the heavyweight title, and one of the guys who has been consistently calling him out is former champion Stipe Miocic. After breaking the UFC’s record for the most title defenses by a heavyweight champion, Miocic was defeated by Cormier at UFC 226 and “D.C.” became a two-weight world champion.

Since losing his belt to Cormier, Miocic has been relentless in pursuing a rematch, calling out the current champion for ducking him after winning the belt. Miocic has said that he was ready to step-in and fight Cormier at UFC 230 on short notice when the UFC was looking for an opponent for him, but ultimately decided to give the title fight to Derrick Lewis instead. Cormier defended his title against Lewis with a second-round submission victory over “The Black Beast” and now is likely looking at one final fight in his career.

Cormier has said that his retirement will happen in March 2019 and while a fight against Lesnar makes the most sense for him financially, the fire behind him as a competitor wants a trilogy fight with bitter rival Jon Jones. Despite Cormier looking elsewhere, Miocic has not given up his pursuit of the title he once had, taking to Twitter to let Cormier know he was ready at UFC 230, and he’s ready to fight now and in a rematch, he’ll finish him.

Cormier’s response to Miocic was surprising to say the least and left some idea that a Brock Lesnar return could actually not happen, telling his former opponent to keep his fingers crossed.

Also included in their back-and-forth, Cormier responded to a fan saying he wanted to see Miocic fight Cain Velasquez, Cormier’s teammate. The UFC’s double-champ responded to the fan’s request saying that Cain is better than himself and that he wouldn’t want a matchup between Velasquez and Miocic, for the safety of Stipe.

The war of words is likely to continue between these two, while fans will continue to wonder what’s next for one of the final stages in Daniel Cormier’s historic fighting career.

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