MMA gyms look to TeamUp for virtual and online training courses

It has been said over-and-over, 2020 has been a tough time for everyone. The constant struggle of the COVID-19 pandemic has left people from all walks of life struggling to continue business and everyday operations. The fitness and MMA community is no different. In the trying times, several gyms have been forced to close their doors, either temporarily or for good. Many businesses are still trying to hold on while exploring other avenues to continue classes and fitness programs.

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With the rise of difficulty in the industry TeamUp has been on the forefront of keeping these businesses going. TeamUp started offering virtual and online classes for all types of fitness courses. Tim Green, head of marketing for TeamUp was kind enough to discuss what the company can offer for struggling businesses.

“Yes, it’s been a really busy time,” Green started.

“Mostly due to social distancing needing booking software to control the number of students in class, also online classes. Many customers who used only a few features with the software have now begun using even more as they have had more time to investigate the tools that can improve and help their admin,” he continued.

TeamUp started working with several martial arts businesses and CrossFit courses. Their first venture into the martial arts business was with the British Krav Maga Association. Due to the success of the program, it is easy to see how this company can help many MMA gyms continue their daily routine while providing software for the gym owners and operators.

“The software is designed around the business owner and the needs of their clients,” Green stated.

“Therefore there are lots of features that are very universal. This also means the best of all worlds for everyone and the ability to innovate outside what is normal for their type of business,” he boasted.

The success of TeamUp also caught the attention of Zoom. This has allowed the two to pave the way for online and virtual classes for all types of martial arts, MMA, kickboxing and CrossFit. And the numbers don’t lie. Based on the current information 50% of customers switched to doing online classes. So while the pandemic can cause some issues with social distancing, TeamUp has communicated with gyms to tackle some of the more difficult elements of MMA and online training.

“The lack of sparring partners and weight and pressure is definitely challenging,” Green acknowledged.

“[The] Trainers have worked around it more than they have solved it. It’s not been easy but their effort and response have been incredible,” he insisted.

What is most impressive is the response from their clients on how easy the software is to utilize. With the main goal being to make the system easy to operate, they also offer personal customer service. Once installed, the gym owners can download the free mobile app and login to the business’s website.

“Our plan includes all features,” Green continued.

“You pay for the amount of customers you have, not for the features, making sure that all customers have everything they could possibly need to smoothly manage their businesses,” Green finished.

With the model in place, TeamUp can help ANY fitness or MMA gym continue operations while watching their students excel and advance. And to prove it, they have offered a 30-day free trial to anyone interested in pursuing their help. The best thing to do is go to and sign up for a free 30 day trial.

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Ryan Sprague