Dillon Brown died from single gunshot wound to head forensic pathologist says during trial

Murder victim, MMA fighter, Dillon Brown died from single gunshot wound to head forensic pathologist says during trial

John Dillon Brown, 30, was found deceased inside the trunk of his car on the evening of March 12, 2016. His murder was deemed a “targeted” homicide.

Dillon Brown died from a single gunshot wound to the head, a forensic pathologist testified Monday in British Columbia Supreme Court, according to a report from the Times Colonist.

On Oct. 26, 2018, investigators with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia (CFSEU-BC) and Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit (VIIMCU), arrested Richard Ernest (Ricky) Alexander, well known as the president of the Devils Army Motorcycle Club and charged him with the murder of Dillon Brown.

Although Brown’s body was found in his car, police believe the murder occurred in the basement of the Devil’s Army clubhouse.

Dr. Matthew Orde disclosed these findings while testifying as an expert witness at Richard Alexander’s trial for the first-degree murder of Brown.

Orde testified that a black garbage bag had been secured snugly around Brown’s neck. When he removed it, he found a gunshot wound on the back of Brown’s head. Orde also found little spotty red marks around the wound — called gunpowder tattooing — which indicated the weapon had been fired from close range.

The bullet passed through Brown’s skull, exiting through his right upper eyelid.

The jury will return to court Thursday for closing arguments and are expected to begin deliberations on Friday.

Brown was a professional mixed martial artist with a pro record of 1-1.  He also fought five times as an amateur.  Brown was married and had two children at the time of his death.

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