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MUST SEE: Taekwondo school fight breaks out in mall in China

This is one of those you have to see it to believe it stories that you just have to check out for yourself. Taekwondo practitioners can be seen giving a demonstration to promote their school in a mall in Jiangsu Province, north of Shanghai, China.

That’s when they were approached for being too loud. Apparently staff members from a gym inside the mall confronted the taekwondo students and all hell broke loose.

Several people recorded the carnage as you can see in the two different videos (above and below).  Bodies were sprawled out across the mall floor.  This was some serious Ninja sh*t.   Police were called to the scene but I’m not even certain that law enforcement could stop this level of Kung Fu mastery.

Could you imagine strolling the mall, looking to impress your wife by stopping into Victoria’s Secret and surprising her with some lingerie, and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, sensei John Kreese of Cobra Kai orders his students to attack Daniel Larusso and his buddies at Miyago-do Karate?

What do you do? Have you watched enough self-defense videos on YouTube to keep the enemy at bay? Can you defeat the enemy without warning?

H/T South China Morning Post

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