Vikas Krishan

Vikas Krishan Talks Boxing Beginnings, Career Goals, Canelo-Jacobs

Vikas Krishan, AKA The Indian Tank, hails from, you guessed it, India. Hisar to be exact. Being the fifth ranked boxer out of his country, Krishan has major aspirations in his boxing career. Fighting on the Terence Crawford-Amir Khan card a couple weeks ago, Krishan had his time to shine. With a flawless unanimous decision, Krishan showed up on the big stage.

How It All Began

Vikas Krishan got his start early on in boxing. As a boy, his father wanted him to be the best he could be, as a man. “My father wanted me to grow strong and powerful. That’s wht he made me do boxing. After sometime it became my passion.” Turning professional at 25, Krishan has a head start on most of his peers in the boxing world. It’s been his life for most of his life. He is already the most decorated Indian boxer as an amateur and two time Olympian.

In his second professional win over Noah Kidd, there were some good moments in the fight for Krishan. “My punches were landing quite well. I got him in a fight 2-3 times but I wasn’t able to make full use of it.” It’s that right there that shows you what someone bound for something more has in them. A complete and honest knowledge with their performance. “I wanna improve sitting more on the punches and throw more punches,” says Krishan.

As mentioned earlier, Krishan is already India’s most successful amateur boxer and a two time Olympian. His goals are the same as they have always been. To be the best and represent his country with pride. “My target is to become first world champion for my country,” says Krishan. He plans to continue his rise in the rankings and get back into the ring again. “Hopefully I am fighting soon.”

Canelo-Jacobs, What the Fighters Say

Every time Canelo Alvarez steps inside the boxing ring, fans get excited. It’s isn’t hard to see why. He’s greatness right before our eyes. He takes on Daniel Jacobs in an attempt to unify three middleweight belts. We had Vikas Krishan give us his take on the fight as well. “The fight is 50-50. Both have got a brave heart and good power in punches.”

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