Neiman Gracie is Not Buying MacDonald's Lack of Desire to Hurt People

Neiman Gracie is Not Buying MacDonald’s Lack of Desire to Hurt People

Neiman Gracie does not buy welterweight champion Rory MacDonald is considering changing his fighting style. When the majority draw was announced for his fight with Jon Fitch at Bellator 220, MacDonald said he does not have “that same drive to hurt people anymore” in his post-fight interview. The comments could be concerning to fans and Gracie who faces him in the next round of the Welterweight Grand Prix.

“I think he still wants to hurt people.” -Neiman Gracie

MacDonald said of his comments that he was only expressing what he felt in his heart since it was just after the fight but Gracie does not think he is done hurting people for a living. “I think he still wants to hurt people,” Gracie said to MMA Junkie after the fight and added, “I saw him trying to hurt Fitch pretty bad tonight.”

With the draw, Gracie believes Fitch showed some flaws in the way MacDonald fights and showed how to beat him. The difference between him and Fitch is, “If I take someone down I’m not going to stall in someone’s guard. I will go for the finish,” according to Gracie. He added, “I will get a good position, and I will finish the fight on the floor. That’s the difference.”

As far as the comments MacDonald made after the fight, he said he fully believed he would be moving on to face Gracie after the event. In speaking with his doctor after the fight a small cut and a swollen elbow are injuries he feels will subside in time for the June 14 event in Madison Square Garden. While MacDonald said Fitch’s attempts at groundwork were not frustrating to him, he was more disturbed by what he did not do on his end of the fight.

In regards to the quick turnaround, MacDonald said there was a “mix of emotions” during the fight and that he needs to reevaluate his mindset. Gracie called “bullsh*t” and expects to see him in New York City in June.

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