New evidence in case against Cain Velasquez further delays hearing to Nov 7

New evidence in case against Cain Velasquez further delays hearing to Nov. 7

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez saw his preliminary hearing pushed back yet again today in a Santa Clara County Hall of Justice courtroom.

Velasquez, 40, who is awaiting trial for an attempted murder charge, has been imprisoned for nearly eight months.

Video provided by NBC Bay Area reporter Damian Trujillo shows Velasquez speaking with his attorneys Mark Geragos and Renee Hessling.

“The fact that our client is sitting in jail with no bail and the alleged predator is out and apparently free to go about his business, I don’t know anybody either in or outside the legal system who thinks that makes any sense,” Geragos told reporters outside the courtroom.

Investigators say that Velaquez shot into a pickup truck that was carrying a man accused of sexually assaulting one of the former champion’s young relatives. That man, Harry Goularte, was unharmed, but another man riding in the truck was struck by the gunfire. That man, Paul Bender, is Goularte’s stepfather.

In August, Velasquez pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Goularte awaits a pre-trial hearing of his own scheduled for Nov. 14. He is out on bail, facing one felony charge of lewd acts with a child.

On Thursday, Judge Jessica Delgado accepted and denied portions of the defense’s request for the district attorney to discover certain pieces of evidence from Harry Goularte’s felony case.

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