Nicholas Caggia

Nicholas Caggia Discusses Upcoming Combat Wrestling Match at Snake Pit Catch Wrestling World Championship

No Holds Barred Real Wrestling has officially returned with “The 2021 Snake Pit USA Catch Wrestling World Championship”. Snake Pit never disappoints in bringing its audience top-level catch wrestling action. The 2021 Championship looks to continue the trend. The upcoming card is stacked with a collection of must-see encounters featuring some of today’s top talents from Catch Wrestling, Wrestling, MMA, and BJJ.

Partaking in the championship event is a man that is no stranger to the competition scene. Nicholas Caggia is a multi-time grappling champion. An active competitor in Martial Arts for over two decades, Caggia has always been motivated and goal-oriented. Evidence of this theory is showcased in his frequent appearances at grappling competitions across the United States.

“I have been competing since the ’90s, and have had great experiences, “Caggia told MYMMANEWS.” I enjoy testing myself, meeting new people, staying healthy, and getting better. These are the things that have kept me going for so long.”

Competition has given Caggia many personal benefits. Through this continual improvement, he has also obtained success by capturing many championship titles in various grappling organizations. Caggia has mirrored his grappling success in the Catch Wrestling circuit, which fighting style made him fully equipped to dominate the competition.

“The Catch Wrestling tournaments are great for me, “he said.” I like playing a top game, which allows me to use takedowns and go for chain wrestling submissions holds like neck cranks and arm locks.”

Caggia has found success in Catch Wrestling. While happy for his achievements, Caggia is a born-breed competitor, constantly on the hunt for options to challenge himself. His upcoming match at the 2021 Snake Pit Catch Wrestling Championship will grant him his wish. Caggia will be pitted in a Full Combat Catch Wrestling match at the Snake Pit event. Standing face slaps, takedowns, submission holds, and ground-and-pound body strikes, the rule set captures the true essence of real combat wrestling.

Caggia’s opponent in the combat wrestling match will be fellow Catch Wrestling competitor Nick Navarro. Both competitors have a wealth of experience and strengths that can easily put them in the winner’s seat. Navigating through the COVID restrictions and his full-time landlord job role, Caggia is eager to return to competition. He is putting together a unique training regimen in preparation for the battle on February 27th.

“This will be my first competition after a three-month hiatus due to COVID. The Combat Wrestling rule set is very interesting, as it looks like I will be stepping into new waters. In preparation for this match, I have spent most of my time doing cardio, training at my personal gym, and working with the guys at K-Dojo. Win or lose, I am really looking forward to the match with Nick.”

Championship wins and humbling defeats, it is all a part of the journey that makes life as a Martial artist meaningful for Nicholas Caggia. His upcoming match at the Snake Pit World Championship will be another experience, another memory that keeps him motivated to keep progressing in his never-ending journey in combat sports.


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