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Nick Browne battles Instagram hacker, awaits potential UFC call up

Nick Browne speaks with MyMMANews – Watch in video above

For Nick Browne, having his Instagram account hacked three times is not all bad.

Someone is trying to impersonate the 9-1 prospect, who is currently fighting for Legacy Fighting Alliance [LFA]. It makes sense. 

Browne is coming off back-to-back first-round submission wins and his only loss is to former UFC lightweight John Gunther. LFA recently announced the promotion will hold four events in South Dakota throughout July. The 30-year-old is also hearing rumors about Dana White’s Contender Series being a possibility. 

It’s not a terrible time to be Browne or even pretend to be him for that matter.

“They are trying to get that troll effect. ‘OK, this guy is kind of on a rise, let me jump on and get a little bit of fame,’” Nick Brown said. 

“It’s definitely a feather in the cap, it’s like, ‘Hey, let’s try to get on before he takes off and it’s too late.’”

Browne’s timing of a return after a nine-month layoff is not so bad either. 

It comes at a time where the UFC is actively signing prospects on a weekly basis during the COVID-19 pandemic. The promotion inked eight fighters on short-notice fights in its last seven events since May 9. 

The UFC also announced the fourth season of Dan White’s Contender Series will begin on Aug. 4.

Browne is taking care of his end. Already in the gym and even helping Khama Worthy prepare for Luis Pena at UFC on ESPN 12 this Saturday, June 27, Browne is ready to take a fight. 

“Just trying to stay available is what we’re really trying to do,” Browne said. “Definitely having that prospect title is going to boost up a little bit with everything. Staying ready and waiting for the call up.”

Surveying the options

A nine-month absence from the cage is nothing Browne asked for. Browne was sidetracked by an injury and the current pandemic only prolonged his return. Another issue he faced in the past is finding opponents. 

Long layoffs are a recurring theme for Browne. The Pennsylvania native fought only once a year from 2016 to 2019. 

Browne is coming off a victory in his LFA debut in September 2019, choking out Trey Ogden in the opening round at LFA 76. 

“That’s kind of the thing, why people were ducking, just fighting the best around the regional scene. To be the best you have to beat the best, that was our motto from the beginning,” Browne said. “Getting into LFA, they have a few opponents, but it took a while to get to them.”

LFA is setting up shop in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with four consecutive shows in July. Bryce Logan and Jacob Rosales are already slated to fight for the vacant lightweight strap on July 31. 

Talks about a potential Contender Series appearance kept Browne from signing his second fight with LFA on July 10. Browne is keeping his options open, whether it is fighting for a UFC contract or returning to LFA.

“It was always just talked about, nothing was signed or guaranteed,” Browne said, “Seeing that could be my next opponent, it might be a little insight on who I fight, rather than the vacant title they have.”

Getting noticed

The last four months are proving to be a tough time to build your resume as a prospect outside of a major promotion. Although some organizations are starting to set dates for their return, most shut down during quarantine.

Titan FC was one of the first to return, holding a show on May 29 in Florida. 

Nick Browne is focusing on building his brand during the inactivity. Being hacked on Instagram is only making the cause more difficult.

Browne’s option is to go forward and keep building his name. Fights are one way to gain recognition, but until his next bout, Browne is fighting off an Instagram hacker.

It’s all in hopes of signing with a major promotion. 

“It was definitely a let down. When we first started, we kept pushing, pushing, keeping getting the door held in front of our face,” Browne said. “The push through it all will be a big reward in the end.”

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