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Nick Maximov on upcoming grappling bout at SUG 13, potential Nick Diaz return, and more

Nick Diaz Academy prospect Nick Maximov joins MyMMANews ahead of his upcoming grappling match at SUG 13 on April 26. The 4-0 fighter is in quite an interesting situation leading up to the match.

While every sport is currently shut down, Submission Underground is the only sporting event still going on at the moment. Of course the promotion has been under a lot scrutiny and some that has trickled down to Maximov.

Fans have been going after him on social media and letting him know they disagree with his decision to compete. For him SUG is just something to do to pass the time as he waits for the world to get back to normal.

In this interview, Maximov discusses his upcoming match, the scrutiny he’s been under by the fans, Nick Diaz potentially returning to MMA, and so much more.

Post updated with SUG 13 results below:


Craig Jones vs. Vinny Magalhaes: Craig Jones winner by Heel Hook (verbal tap).

Richie Martinez vs. Austin Vanderford: Austin Vanderford winner by Arm Triangle Choke.

Jake Ellenberger vs. Gabriel Checco: Gabriel Checco winner by Reverse Triangle.

Ethan Crelinsten vs. Andrew Alexander: Ethan Crelinsten winner by Rear Naked Choke in EBI OT.

Don Stoner vs. Alex Larmey: Don Stoner winner by Fastest Escape Time in EBI OT.

Nicholas Maximov vs. Joe Baize: Joe Baize winner by Heel Hook.

Austin Daffron vs. Chris Lencioni: Chris Lencioni winner by Fastest Escape Time in EBI OT.

Charlie Gilpin vs. Jake Smith: Charlie Gilpin winner by Kimura.

Eric Mcconico vs. George Martinez: Eric Mcconico winner by Armbar in EBI OT.

Cody Kenega vs. Jake Hargis: Cody Kenega winner by Toe Hold.

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